Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality

Attuning To The Power of Your Inner Wise Woman

Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality is based on the many traditions and culture of Celtic Feminine Wisdom and Spirituality. I am Mary Jane Brigger, and for over 15 years I have been creating and developing programs to spiritually empower women and awaken them to their own Inner Wise Woman to BEcome the Oracle, Seer, and Healer through Sacred Feminine Spirituality and Ageless Ancient Wisdom.

How My Sacred Wisdom Teachers Awakened My Inner Wise Woman

Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality is the path of awakening to the Power of your Inner Wise Woman, the essence of your Spirit and Sacred Femininity. Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality will lead you to recognize and embrace the Gifts of the Sacred Feminine which include healing, intuition, nurturing relationships, and community building. 

Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality is the path of awakening to the Power of your Inner Wise Woman which is the path to The Oracle, Seer, the Healer within you. 

Celtic Heritage Not Required For 

Many of us carry the genes of Celtic Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales within us that influence our spiritual path. And many who do not possess these genes are still drawn to the magical energy of Celtic Women’s Spirituality. 

It matters not if you are of Celtic heritage, this is a pathway to Remembering the Wise Woman You Are, a Spiritually Powerful Woman of Compassion, Courage, Love, and Sacred Feminine Ageless Wisdom. 

A Blend of Other Pathways of Feminine Spirituality

Our programs and services follow the Sacred Feminine Wisdom of ancient Celtic Spirituality which encourages a personal pathway that forms a union with our Sacred Feminine Self to the Celtic Spirit within us.  Within The Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality, we awaken our Inner Wise Woman, the Feminine Essence of Our True Self, the Sacred Woman We Came Here To BE. 

Because Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality is not a tradition,  with rules and a programmed set of beliefs and rites, it can be blended with other paths of spirituality which awaken the Mystic of the Inner Wise Woman within you. 

The Gifts of BEcoming a Celtic Wise Woman

Our programs and services center around awakening and expanding our Celtic Wise Woman Gifts of Intuition and Healing,  or what I refer to as the Pathway of the Mystic, Oracle, Healer, and Seer.

 Through this awakening to your Inner Wise Woman, you will gain greater clarity in life that will increase the Voice of your Confidence, Self Trust, Courage, and Expression of Your True, Authentic Self. 

The 3 Sacred Keys of Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality 

Our programs and services are based on the 3 Sacred Keys of Wisdom, which were channeled to me by the Sacred Sisterhood from the Higher Realms of the Sacred Feminine. 

The 3 Sacred Keys of Sacred Wisdom

Attune  Ignite  BEcome

AttuneDiscovering, attuning, and aligning to the Divine energy of the Inner Wise Woman and the Divine.

Ignite – to the Divine Fire and Energy of the Inner Wise Woman, which holds the ageless wisdom of intuition, that inner knowing of divine guidance, intelligence, and direction that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.

BEcome – is when you BEcome the Divine Power of the  Inner Wise Woman, attuned to the ageless intuitive wisdom of Celtic Women’s Spirituality, one of the True Pathway of the Mystic. 

Our Services and Programs

Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality Has Continuing Offerings That Include: