Becoming the Women We Were Born To Be

Within my  35 year career both in corporate and small business, I have found that most of my clients and employees were women seeking their self identity through a deep desire to live authentically and with purpose.  Many of us are Becoming the Women We Were Born To BE”  as emerging leaders and changemakers with the awakening of our True and Sacred Potential.

A Blending of Sacred Wisdom and Modern Thought

Within this blog, we will discuss how to bring more success, empowerment, and meaning to our lives and careers by learning how to express ourselves more authentically as women through our voice and purpose. We achieve this by blending ancient spiritual wisdom with modern day thinking, through exploring how the following ideas have a direct impact on our careers and lives:

  • Discovering, understanding and embracing the power of the Sacred Feminine Energy within us.
  • The power of living Authentically and standing in your own Personal Power.
  • Understanding and implementing the Natural Law of Attraction for manifesting career and life success.
  • Recognizing the power of a Greater Source or Spirit within and its influence on all aspects of our lives.
  • Fully understanding the power of our intuition as more than a psychic skill in achieving success in our careers, lives, and relationships.
  • Recognizing the Empath, or Highly Sensitive Soul, which many of us are, with the tools to understand how to live with and use empathy for our own personal and professional success.
  • Using the power of meditation for relaxing the mind and body as it awakens the soul.

We will explore how we can create greater success by integrating these ancient and modern thought psychologies into our careers, workplace, and personal lives.

Purpose of This Blog

This blog is dedicated to sharing and exploring the many challenges women face in feeling empowered, authentic and in living on purpose. Weekly, we will examine together how consciousness,  the awakening of our true potential and being, can be used as a  bridge to success in our careers and personal lives.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is owner of Career Path Success, LLC located in West Salem,Ohio.  She is  a Certified Career Coach, Certified Body Story Expert, Reiki Master/Teacher,Writer, Death Midwife and Metaphysician with a BA in Healthcare Management from Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mary Jane’s career includes over 35 years of corporate dental management, hospital and community dentistry that also includes career school department head for allied health and career services. Her career also includes numerous appointments on national dental assistant certification boards and advisory committees.

Mary Jane provides personal, women’s empowerment phone sessions as well as private and group retreats at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio. She facilitates Sacred Circles for Women within the greater Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area and is available for speaking presentations and customized group workshops and retreats.

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