Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality

Mary Jane Brigger is a Sacred Feminine Advocate and Mystic for women who are experiencing the Rite of Passage called the Wisdom Years. According to ancient wisdom, the beginning and end of menopause are when we BEcome the Wise Woman, a Divine Vessel of Accumulated Wisdom hard earned through life experiences and crises. 

The Wise Woman Frees Herself Through a Mystical Voyage to ReClaim Her Authentic Feminine Self, Truth, and Essence of Her Soul.

I am Mary Jane Brigger, a Wise Woman, Modern Day Mystic, Oracle, Seer, Spiritual Healer, and Teacher. For many years I practiced as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic, and Medium. Over the years, I have awakened to my Sacred Feminine Energy as I attuned to the Power of My Highest Self, or what I call My Inner Wise Woman.

I have been practicing for over 17 years providing women Mystic Pathways to Awakening, Attuning, and BEcoming the Wisdom of their Sacred Feminine Energy.

A Channel and Voice for the Goddess

I became a Channel for the Energy of the Goddesses when the Voice and Being of Spirit integrate within your body to communicate soul messages from these Higher Realms and Dimensions. As I attuned to My Inner Wise Woman, I began to experience higher vibrational frequencies that harmonized with the Higher Realms and Dimensions of the Sacred Feminine Energy.

I began Channeling the Realms of the Great Goddess, who revealed to me it was more than connecting to Her as a Spirit, we were Reclaiming Our Sacred Relationship To Each Other.

Guest On National and International Podcasts

I have had the honor of being a featured guest on international and national podcasts that include Kevin Moore’s We Are the Channelers, The Gnostic Network, Channeling the Collective Voice of the Cosmic Mother, and The Magdalenes. 

Soul Quest

 Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality is a guide to those whose spiritual life and service no longer speak to them. The Mystic is on a Soul Quest to not just find Spirit, but to Re-Unite With and Create a Sacred Relationship in what the ancient teachings call BEcoming One With All There Is…Or what others call Source, Creator, or Goddess/God. 

Sacred Wisdom

The Modern Mystic seeks more than just knowledge, but Sacred Wisdom that is  Experienced Within the Sacred Mysteries and Otherworld of Spirit. This is where the Modern Day Mystic discovers and Reclaims her own Sacredness and Divinity through Sacred Union With All That Is.

Programs and Services

 Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality is a Soul Quest that will guide you to the Portals of Sacred Mystery Schools that include Celtic Paganism, Magdalenes, and The Cosmic Essenes. Through services that include blogging, vlogging, Channeled Messages, courses, and Tours to Ireland, Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality is here to guide you in Parting the Mists of your Soul Quest for Personal Mysticism and Sacred Relationship With Your Spirit. 

The Healing Cottage

I am the owner of The Healing Cottage, located in America within the rural Amish countryside of West Salem, Ohio. Here I provide private and group, online and onsite, Mystic Wise Woman Circles, Private and Group Channelings including Retreats for women to gently attune to the Power of their Sacred Feminine Energy through a blend of Magdalene/Essene Mysteries and Celtic Magic. 

Secret Ireland Tours, LLC

Ancient Wisdom of Irish Druid Healing

Rachel Scoazec-Brennan

Druid, Teacher, Healer, and Musician

Tour of SW Ireland 

Tour SW Ireland That Includes the Healing Wisdom of a Druid Priestess Workshops In Co Kerry and More

Tour of SW Ireland Includes Killarney, The Ring of Kerry, Ring of Beara, Castles, and Secret Ireland Off the Tourist Path Surprises! 

Travel With Me To Killarney in SW Ireland To Experience and Learn Druidism and Celtic Shamanism while embracing the Mystic Wise Woman Within You. While touring the land of Killarney, Ireland, you will appreciate the magic of Ireland through daily half day workshops taught by practicing Irish Druid, Rachel Scoazec-Brennan at her healing center in Kilderry in Co Kerry, Ireland.

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This tour is only accommodating 20 people with spaces filling up already!

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