Revised and Alive, the New Dental Soul Care!

Dental Soul Care has been on a recent hiatus due to immediate health and family problems. During my time away from Dental Soul Care, I became highly aware of the fast pace of the winds of change occurring in my life as well as Mother Earth itself.

After much thought and meditation, my Spirit directed me to my True North, which proceeded to show me the right course to take in my life. It was here I was personally and spiritually transformed to make the necessary changes in my life.

Holistic Insights and Servant Leadership

Dental Soul Care will now be dedicated to providing information, education and implementation to the dental profession regarding holistic insights and approaches to both personal and professional development.

Definition of Holistic

Holistic insights will relate to seeing and treating people and/or problems in an all encompassing view, or the whole, and all its interdependence parts. In other words, we cannot heal or know the true problem of anything until we look and understand that there is more to an illness or a problem then what is initially presented.

In other words, the root of the problem is the cure or the treatment, whether medically or personally.

Holistic Dentistry

Dental Soul Care will also explore Holistic Dentistry and how it can be incorporated in today’s dental practices. As a former Certified Dental Assistant in Oral Medicine, I found the below quotation to be true working with medically compromised patients:

“To look at the mouth is to look at the rest of the body.  To view the body, you must not omit the mouth.”

Servant Leadership

Dental Soul Care realizes that many people are looking for more meaning in their personal and professional lives. Both affect the other. This is also a time where as a nation we are looking for leaders who do not tell us what to do, but asks how can I help you in order to accomplish what needs to be done.

Anyone wanting to be the leader must first be the servant. If you want to lead, you must first serve. – Jesus Christ

Leadership is about getting things done through people. There are two dynamics in play here, relationship and the task that bring balance to the situation. When there is a shift in focus to only one dynamic, it can be at the detriment of others.

Service to Others

Service is more then providing a dental treatment, it is how we treat others, patients, co-workers, friends, family. A life that is searching for meaning first looks at how it can help someone else. Through giving of ourselves we earn the right to receive. Our work should bring us joy in that our services meet a need we can provide.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy — Rabindranath Tagore

Thank You!

I wish to extend my appreciation to all of you who have followed Dental Soul Care’s evolution. Dental Soul Care will still focus on women in dentistry as well as the many challenges facing dentistry in a changing world. Our goal as a Servant Leader is to help and guide you to rising to your full potential, discover a life and career full of meaning and purpose, and to take those gifts and pay forward to others.

New Website, New Format

Dental Soul Care will share its website with another new website Women’s Soul Care. Dental Soul Care will continue its Facebook presence, article writing and sharing, and much more.


Within the next couple of weeks, Dental Soul Care will be offering the following:

  • Teleseries that will focus on the professional and personal needs of the dental community.
  • Personal and group coaching customized to meet you or your groups specific needs.
  • Phone in coaching clubs and Mastermind Groups for specified groups within dentistry. Ex: Women dentists, dental hygienists, practice management and wherever a demand presents itself.
  • Membership sites that allow you access information regarding holistic insights and servant leadership, reduced or no costs on selected workshops, products and events.

Speakers Bureau

Mary Jane Brigger, founder and owner of Dental Soul Care, is now available to speak and/or offer workshops at your next planned event or study group.

For More Information Contact:

Mary Jane Brigger

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