The Soul Care Series



The Soul Care Series

Dental Soul Care and Women’s Soul Care

MaryJaneBrigger.Com is a blog written by Mary Jane Brigger’s personal journeys in faith and healing.

With the success of her blog,MaryJaneBrigger.Com has expanded its offerings to include The SoulCareSeries.

The Soul Care Series are holistic websites and blogs dedicated to specific groups of people or professions in search of greater self awareness, spiritual awakenings, and inner healing within their personal, spiritual and professional lives.

The Soul Care Series intention and desire is to guide people to discovering and understanding their True Purpose in life. This can lead to a life of greater fulfillment and meaning that will make positive differences in the lives of others and the world.

The Soul Care Series .Com current offerings are:

These two websites can be used separately or combined and are designed to compliment and provide additional paths of wisdom, insights and guidance for greater awareness and total well being.

And you do not have to be a woman or in the dental profession to benefit from our Soul Care Series offerings of Women’s Soul Care and/or Dental Soul Care!

Dental Soul care currently shares its website with Women’s Soul Care.

The SoulCareSeries Current Offerings



Dental Soul Care

Dental Soul Care is dedicated to dental healthcare workers where holistic insights are offered regarding the practice of dentistry and the relationships we build with our patients, staff and co-workers.

Dental Soul Care believes the first step one must take to fully understand holistic insights and building better relationships is to know thyself first.

Dental Soul Care will provide you with the compass to help you to becoming more aware of Who You Are through self awakening and awareness.

Dental Soul Care Weekly Wanderings

Dental Soul Care will provide weekly reflections called Dental Soul Care Weekly Wanderings that focus on the day to day challenges one faces within the dental profession or work environment.

Many of these reflections come from my own personal experiences during my dental career.

Dental Soul Care Weekly Wanderings will be presented as a Dental Soul Care blog or brief reflection for the day.

Coming Soon! Beginning in July 2011 look for announcements of a new Dental Soul Care teleseminar as well as new and exciting ways for the care and feeding of the Dental Soul.

Women’s Soul Care

Women’s Soul Care is dedicated to Awakening the Voice in a Women’s Soul to freely express her True Self Identity and Spirit. Women’s Soul Care provides the compass for women seeking their true self identity with the courage to create, express and live their own lives.

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”

A Woman’s Personal Story

Every woman has her own personal story that she carries deep within her mind, body and soul.

These personal stories become the fabric of a woman’s life as over time they become intricately woven into her physical, emotional and spiritual life.

When these personal stories are suppressed and not expressed fully and honestly, it can lead to lives stuck in the past, playing over and over again with no forward movement in life and spirit.

This can affect and block a woman from having meaningful relationships, successful careers and authentic  spiritual lives.

For many women, their unexpressed personal body stories can lead to physical illnesses that can be chronic and debilitating.

The Body Story Experience With Reiki

Mary Jane practices the healing methods of the Body Story Experience with Reiki Healing Touch for women to express and live their life authentically.

Mary Jane is currently becoming certified as a Body Story Expert.

Become the Woman You Were Born To Be

Women’s Soul Care offers holistic insights through spiritual guidance, journeys of inner healing, including information regarding women’s health and total well being.

Women’s Soul Care is here to help you discover Who You Are from What You Are.

Women’s Soul Care believes it is time to become The Woman You Were Born to Be!

Women’s Soul Care Weekly Wanderings

Women’s Soul Care Weekly Wanderings will be weekly reflections on how to find and express your True Authentic Self, Voice and Spirit.

Women’s Soul Care Weekly Wanderings will be presented on the Women’s Soul Care Blog or as a brief reflection for the day.

Coming Soon! Beginning in July 2011 look for announcements of a new Women’s Soul Care teleseminar as well as new and exciting ways in becoming the Woman You Were Born to Be!

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Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a spiritual writer and life coach for dental professionals and women.

Dental Soul Care reflects Mary Jane’s 25 years in dentistry which provides her with the background and experience to reach out to dental professionals with holistic insights for professional and personal development.

Women’s Soul Care is committed to helping women discover their True Identity and Voice in order to live their life authentically and with purpose.

Mary Jane is also a Reiki Channeler and a Body Story Expert in Training.

May 31, 2011

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