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Faith and Healing

Making Sense of Transitions in Life

Mary Jane Brigger

Soul Listener

“A shoulder to lean on with a listening ear,heart, and soul”

A healing journey from heartache and pain begins when we realize there is more to life then our broken hearts and wounded souls. A tipping point occurs when a sudden life change or crisis brings us to a crossroads in our lives.

These unexpected life crisis and tragedies can include:

  • Job Loss.
  • Career and life transitions.
  • Loss your business or career.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Grief associated with pet loss.
  • A painful passage occurring in your life right now.
  • Chronic illness and pain.
  • Aging.
  • Searching for more purpose and meaning in life, asking yourself,” Who Am I?”
  • Seeking a deeper faith walk, or searching for something to have faith in.
  • When the wounds of life and soul won’t heal, the inner pain becoming too intense.
  • Heartache and pain begin to manifest into physical and emotional illness.
  • Painful memories of the past that torment your heart and soul holding you hostage to the past.

Life Crisis Can Be the Catalyst for Transformation

If we must face crisis in our lives, then lets learn how to manage and allow it to be a personal transformative experience for inner healing and moving forward.

This transformative experience can include:

  • Discovering your authentic life calling.
  • Awareness of Who You Are not What You Are
  • Awakening to the Transformation of living a life full of grace, healing and service that will enrich your life and others!

A Journey of Inner Healing

Inner healing is a choice we make based on what we know about ourselves. And what we know is largely based on how we were raised and the conditioning of our paths in life. Many think they do not have choices in their lives, but we do.

It is the changes our choices may bring that we often cannot face. Choice brings change, and depending on our response to it, change can bring a renewal in your life, or fear of your life.

Programs and Services

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Your journey to inner healing begins today. The time has come to make a positive change in your life by choosing to heal from your internal wounds and pain.

Begin living an authentic life with meaning and purpose that will bring healing to you and to the people in your life.

You Are Special and Unique

At MaryJaneBrigger.Com we recognize that everyone’s experience in life is different and unique. We customize our programs to meet your very specific needs with trust and confidence to guide you on your journey to inner healing.

We offer soul listening sessions  that fit your personality and life style. Where someone may desire private individual coaching, others feel better in a group coaching session where community and relationships are formed to support each other.

Either way, we will help you in choosing the right Soul Listening  program for you.

  • Convenient Connections Email and Phone Sessions (convenient to fit your schedule)
  • Private Phone Life Coaching(Have a free  Skype Account?Use it  for face to face phone coaching!)
  • sessions.
  • Group Coaching (phone in)
  • Workshops, Teleminars, Webinars and more.

Mary Jane Brigger

Soul Listener

A shoulder to lean on with a listening ear,heart, and soul”

Contact Mary Jane for more information regarding personal Soul Listening programs and services


Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is spiritual writer and Soul Listener to those who are seeking to make sense and meaning out of their lives. Mary Jane has lived with chronic illness since she was a young child which left many deep emotional wounds along the way.  These emotional wounds affected her career and personal life many times .

After the diagnosis of yet  another disease, Mary Jane made a personal journey of faith and healing that brought her to the root cause of her suffering and illness. Mary Jane writes and coaches from her heart and soul in order to reach others who may have lost hope and meaning in their lives to let them know they are not alone.

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