Mary Jane Brigger began her journey of self-discovery and awareness when, as  a certified dental assistant at the Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Dentistry, she first recognized the powerful life impact of having a meaningful and fulfilling career that embraced and complemented a life calling. Working with medically compromised patients, the hours were long and many of her patients were heartbreakingly sick, deformed or terminally ill. However, Mary Jane found her work to be fulfilling and satisfying. She loved working with her patients.  It was here that a crystal clear vision of  her life purpose began to reveal itself…a life of servant leadership to those who had lost their way and their self-respect, dignity, identity and hope…whose lives or careers were in crisis or transition.

Mary Jane’s career path and life purpose continued to evolve over the next twenty years. She went on to become a Dental Specialist for a major Ohio county hospital. Mary Jane’s duties included coordinating a mobile dental van for underprivileged children on Medicaid as well as managing a dental department in one of the county hospital’s skilled nursing care facilities.

Mary Jane earned her Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management, attending classes at night and on weekends while raising her four children. Upon receiving her college degree, she became a Regional Manager for a national dental practice management company. Here she directed operations and oversaw four group dental practices in northern Ohio. Downsized as a “victim” after 9/11, Mary Jane found herself seeking work in a depressed economy. She eventually was hired by a national career school chain to develop dental assisting programs for their schools across the country, and later managed another national dental practice management company.

As Director of Student Services for a local career college, where her duties included teaching job search skills to adult students, Mary Jane realized that she wanted to be a career coach to help people understand their true life purpose and realize their full potential.

She began Career Path Success LLC, a life and career coaching firm specializing in job search and career transition. She her certification as a career coach and continues her professional education in her associations, memberships and affiliations with professional national organizations.Mary Jane has recently, under the umbrella of Career Path Success,LLC a new member group called Passages Life Coaching that provides more of a soulful approach to life and career issues.

Her evolution into Life Coaching came from her experiences and deeper realization and understanding of the true relation of success and happiness and fulfillment to careers and life activities that complemented personal values, passions, goals and life purposes. Thus she developed the concept of a Soulful Quest  as the path to harmony, balance, serenity, structure, direction, and peace in one’s life.

After being diagnosed with a chronic illness, Mary Jane realized that the evolution of her career and life purpose had led her to become a full time Life Coach. Her practice continues to be based on servant leadership, and to helping people realize their full potential in discovering their life calling and true vocation.

Today she applies the same principles to coaching small business owners on achieving uniform work cultures and maximum productivities, providing a number of related services ranging from job applicant screening and employee coaching to affordable programs of outplacement assistance.

It is Mary Jane’s hope that her clients will also choose to lead lives of servant leadership, paying forward in helping others realize their full significance and potential in their lives.

Mary Jane’s Staff

Through active involvement in a number of local and national coaching and related organizations, Mary Jane has assembled relations and associations with skilled, trained and experienced professional coaches in life, career and related coaching disciplines. Her client engagements often involve the assembly of a team of professionals to best address each individual client’s or business enterprise’s specific needs

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