My Story

Mary Jane Brigger began her spiritual healing journey when a debilitating form of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue forced her to leave a very satisfying 25 year career in dentistry that included clinical and dental group management for national dental networks and local hospitals. She eventually moved on to become an Educator and Administrator for Allied Health Colleges both locally and nationally. Mary Jane was also a board member of National, State, and Local Dental Boards and a published author in National Dental Journals.

The Master Teachers Who Changed Her Life 

With modern Western medicine continually failing her to receive proper treatment and relief for her Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Mary Jane was led to Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree, of The Missing Thread in San Francisco, CA. Here she found the spiritual and emotional healing she desperately needed for physical healing through The Body Story Experience. 

Certified Body Story Expert and Reiki Master/Teacher

Mary Jane later studied under Kirk Prine, whose mystic and shamanistic wisdom teachings led her to become a Body Story Expert and Reiki Master Teacher. Kirk became a Master Teacher to Mary Jane, whose teaching and wisdom still guide and influence her today.


Mary Jane received her training in Shamanism under another Master Teacher, Bear Drake Stephens of Innerprizes which has greatly influenced her life personally and in developing the Mystic Wise Woman Spirituality.


Mary Jane went on to open her own private Reiki practice and school which became the catalyst for her evolving psychic/mediumship and channeling. As her spiritual development grew, Mary Jane sought out Master Teachers in Psychic/Mediumship which included John Micheal Thorton of Great Conjunction Spiritual Center and Sara Sachs of Psychic Sara.

From the wisdom teachings of these first Master Teachers, Mary Jane’s Psychic/Mediumship evolved and developed to higher frequencies of Spirit called Channeling/Trance Mediumship.

Channeling/Trance Mediumship

This is when Mary Jane was led to another Master Teacher, Lisa Williams, an internationally known Psychic/Medium and Spiritual Leader. She studied for over two years with Lisa Williams as a Psychic/Medium and Trance Medium. Mary Jane joined Lisa’s Master Teacher Certification Program which she will complete in August of 2024.

The Mystic Wise Woman

Mary Jane Brigger is a Sacred Feminine advocate and Mystic for women who are experiencing the Rite of Passage called the Wisdom Years. This occurs when women begin to Cross the Threshold of Menopause to BEcoming the Mystic Wise Woman.

According to ancient wisdom, the end of menopause is when we BEcome the Mystic Wise Woman, a Divine Vessel of Accumulated Wisdom hard earned through life experiences and crises. The Wise Woman frees Herself to begin a Mystical Voyage to ReClaim Her Authentic Feminine Self and Truth, the Essence of Her Soul.

A Blend of Ancient Celtic, Essene, and Magdalene Mysticism

Mary Jane has been a student and teacher of mysticism for over 17 years including Celtic Paganism, Goddesses, Essene, and Magdalene Mysticism. From her extensive study and research, she developed a spiritual blend of Ancient Celtic, Essene, and Magdalene Mysticism, which now provides women with Mystic Pathways to Awakening, Attuning, and BEcoming the Wisdom of their Sacred Feminine Energy.

Mary Jane’s Wisdom Years have been Shaped and Transformed through BEcoming a: 
  • Wisdom Teacher of Mystic Wise Woman’s Spirituality
  • Mystic Wise Woman
  • Channeler for the Mother Goddess, Faery, and the Elementals
  • Magdalene of the Sacred Mysteries 
  • Pending Master Teacher Certification in Psychic/Mediumship
  • Psychic/Medium/Spirit Channeler/Trance Medium
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Certified Body Story Expert
  • Death Midwife
  • Former Hospice Reiki Master Volunteer
  • Celtic and Peruvian Shamanic Practitioner
  • Sacred Sophia Circles for Women and Retreats
  • Guest on National and International Podcasts
  • BA in Healthcare Management, Certifications in Dental Assisting, Management, Education, and Allied Health Administration. 
  • Former Board Appointee as Vice President and Member of the Dental Assisting National Board in Chicago, Illinois, including board positions in state and local dental associations.
  • Ambassador for Secret Ireland Tours, LLC


Family and Home

Mary Jane lives in rural West Salem, Ohio with her husband Jack, including their dog Fergus, and cat, Ellie Mae. She is a Mom to five adult children and Nana to six grandchildren. Mary Jane is blessed to work from The Healing Cottage, located on her property in West Salem, Ohio in the heart of Amish Country.

Ellie Mae