My Story

Mary Jane Brigger

My passion and commitment are to women entering their wisdom years, who have been disempowered by a lack of self-confidence, identity, purpose, and intuition that includes spiritual disconnection. 

This disempowerment and spirit disconnection is often brought on by a transitional life crisis that includes:

  1.  Chronic and Terminal Illness
  2. Age and Gender Discrimination
  3.  Job and/or Career Loss
  4.  Broken Relationships
  5.  Grief 
  6. Sexual Harassment
  7. Loss of faith with personal emotional stress/distress. 

My Personal Disempowerment and Empowerment

I experienced my own disempowerment due to the loss of a 25 year career in corporate dental practice management and allied health career school education caused by an extreme onset of  Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue. Eventually, I was led to attend a four day healing experience in San Francisco, CA, which became a personal forever inner healing journey for me. My life was transformed emotionally, physically and spiritually through The Body Story Experience and Reiki training presented by Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree at The Missing Thread Mystery School. 

BEcoming My Ageless Voice of Wisdom 

 During my intense inner healing journey, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening with an empowered intuition which became the foundation for living my life authentically and intuitively attuned to my Inner Wise Woman, while confidently expressing my Ageless Voice of Wisdom with Passion, Power, and Purpose.  

My Wisdom Years of Heightened Psychic Mediumship, Trance Channeling, and Introduction To The Sacred Sisterhood

I became awakened and aware of my heightened intuition, or psychic mediumship abilities during and after my Reiki training which I achieved in my fifties. This is when I began an inspired inner healing career of Reiki and spiritual guidance, which resulted in my having frequent and profound spiritual experiences with increased my psychic mediumship abilities.

I began receiving messages from the Sacred Sisterhood, Goddesses, and Higher Beings of Light including Angels which eventually became trance channelings that I now offer to people for personal guidance, healing, and direction in life.

Inspiring, Empowering, Intuitive and Guiding

For almost 20 years, I have provided empowered inspiration, intuition, and guidance as a:

  • Sacred Feminine Energy Empowerment
  • Certified Career Coach
  • Psychic Medium
  • Trance Medium and Channeler
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher
  • Certified Body Story Expert
  • Meditation Guide
  • Mystic
  • Death Midwife
  • Hospice Reiki Master
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Sacred Empowerment Circles for Women and Retreat Facilitator

I am the owner of Career Path Success, LLC, which presents Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality through mediumship channeled readings, Zoom Online Workshops as well as private spiritual retreats, and Sacred Feminine Wisdom Circles held at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio. I gently guide women towards shifting their minds and energy to powerful healing thoughts, emotions, and intuition that empower their own personal transformation, freedom, and soul awakening.

Training and Education

My training and education include:

  • BA in Healthcare Management from Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Certified Dental Assistant, Cuyahoga Community College, Certificate
  • Career Coach Certification from The Career Coach Institute.
  • Certification from the Missing Thread Mystery School in San Francisco, CA in Reiki Master/Teacher, Death Midwife, and Body Story Expert.
  • Continued in-depth training in shamanism, intuition, and mysticism from The Missing Thread Mystery School and Shaman Drake Bear Stephen of Innerprizes in San Francisco, CA.
  • Ongoing Lisa Williams Trance and Mediumship Retreats and Workshops
  • Currently pursuing Lisa Williams Master Teacher Certificate in Mediumship
  • Intuition Toolkit, Great Conjunction Spiritual Center, John Michael Thornton

Modern Day Psychology and Ancient Wisdom

My skills,  studies, and research into mysticism, metaphysics, energy, mind/body balance, meditation, end of life issues, different healing modalities, and modern psychology advance daily, as I seek to blend ancient spiritual knowledge with modern day lifestyles, belief systems, and careers. As a professional speaker, I have conducted numerous spiritually based presentations as well as professional dental presentations at national, state and local dental conventions.

My Blessed Life

My life is blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband named Jack Deering, and our family includes five adult children, six grandchildren, and our dog Fergus and cat, Ellie Mae.  Jack and I live on four magical wooded acres in the rural Amish farmlands of Wayne County, located outside Wooster, Ohio. I work in a small white cabin, called The Healing Cottage, nestled in the woods of our property, where I hold many successful retreats and workshops including  Celtic Wise Woman Sacred Wisdom Circles. 

Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality