A Journey of Faith and Healing

I have been on a Journey of Faith and Healing because as I travel its paths, I am slowly discovering Who I Am, which I am finding, is directly linked to my deepening faith and trust and re-connection with My True Spirit and God.

Re-Discovering Who I Am

This past year has been a . . . → Read More: A Journey of Faith and Healing

The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part II

Spiritual warfare became greater then my physical ailments as the questions of “Who Am I?” and “Why Did This Happen?” burned in my heart and soul.And the more I fought my Spirit on this, the deeper I fell into the recesses of my soul. . . . → Read More: The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part II

The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part I

A Haunted Soul

This past spring I arrived at a crossroads with a chronic illness that has plagued me for years. My winter was spent curled up in a green recliner in my living room. I was mentally and physically growing weaker as my vital life energy diminished more each day. New . . . → Read More: The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part I

Truth and Consequences

Inner healing is a choice we make based on what we know about ourselves. And what we know is largely based on how we were raised and the conditioning of our paths in life. Many think they do not have choices in their lives, but we do. It is the consequences our . . . → Read More: Truth and Consequences

Job Loss, Self Image and Renewal

Is your voice not heard over the noise of those who disagree and argue with you? Is not being heard lowering your self confidence, burning your physical and emotional energy away to ashes? Have you ever asked yourself is this person and/or situation worth all this energy, emotion and mind consuming time?

. . . → Read More: Job Loss, Self Image and Renewal

My Achy Breaky Heart

All I can say it hurts. My heart is broken, opening up wounds that I thought were healed. I was wrong. The wound still bleeds; I have just programmed myself to apply band-aids of grief whenever the scab breaks open.

The path to trust can be an arduous journey in itself. But add love . . . → Read More: My Achy Breaky Heart

Soaring Over the Ruins

Chronic illness is just one of the many mountains and valleys that mark people’s lives.  Suffering and affliction is a personal and often lonely walk through life. Especially if it is an illness or injury that is not noticeable on the outside. We are all unique from each other,the same illness or injury may . . . → Read More: Soaring Over the Ruins

Suspended in the Moment of Inner Beauty

This year for Christmas, my sister Annie gave me a book called,” Guardians of Being” by Eckart Tolle. The book is brilliantly laid out as a child’s book, and even though I would recommend you read it to a child, it is meant for adults. A beautiful message put into a simple form of . . . → Read More: Suspended in the Moment of Inner Beauty