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I began a Soul Journey into Celtic Shamanism and Mysticism after many years of studying and practicing eastern Reiki Master teachings including shamanic training in the Peruvian and Native American spiritual practices. Although I found great satisfaction and purpose in my daily spiritual work and walk, my soul was experiencing a deep restless yearning I could not identify. It was then the Goddesses appeared. 

Meeting The Great Mother and Her Goddesses

It happened during a shamanic anointing of the Sacred Feminine Energy here at my Healing Cottage many years ago. As the shaman anointed my forehead with holy oil, I fell backward into a deep trance. My dearest friend Joe caught me and led me to a chair where suddenly I was presented with the Great Mother and All Her Goddesses. One after another was brought before me from different cultures, and ethnicities all wearing jewels and clothing of brilliant colors. Then the Great Mother began to prophesize to me and from that day on, I have channeled the Great Mother and Her Goddesses.

My Immram

After this encounter, I went through a difficult initiation to integrate and BEcome the energy of these Sacred Goddesses and their Sacred Mother. This initiation was a soul journey that the Irish call an Immrama which means, voyages of sailing or rowing about in a boat trying to find the shore.

 My immram, came ashore to the mystical island of Avalon, where the Celtic Goddess, Cerridwen awaited me in the mists. It was then my soul cried out, “ I Am Home! “ And it was here I found Myself, My Truth, within Celtic Shamanism, the Goddesses, what the Druids call in Irish, The Bean Feasa ( ban fossa) The Wise Woman.

Mystical, Magical Ireland and The Bean Feasa

Soon after this mystical soul journey, I rather unexpectedly traveled to IrelandDuring our tour, I experienced my Irish ancestors, Goddesses, Faery, Spirits, and more as we often walked upon the magical land called Ireland. Discovering My Inner Goddess, the Wise Woman  I returned transformed and started another immram, a soul journey of The Bean Feasa I had BEcome, the Wise Woman who is a Spirit Walker, the Seer and the Healer of her times. The Celtic Goddesses were ME, the Wise Woman and my soul was no longer restless or yearning. It had finally Come Home To Herself. 

Celtic Shamanism

Celtic Shamanism is a spiritual practice of the earth, sky, water, fire, and ether, as practiced in many other shamanic indigenous cultures. It is a spiritual practice of the soul, the person within, and its relationship to the world of Spirit which one communes and walks with daily as a SpiritWalker, traveling the dimensions of The Otherworld. 

In the coming weeks, I will share with you, through blogging and vlog, about Celtic Shamanism, Goddesses, Cauldrons, Druidism, and The Bean Feasa, the Wise Woman. 

Please Feel Free To Email Me With Any Questions Regarding Celtic Shamanism or How To Experience  Ireland With Me: 


Journey To Ireland To Learn and Experience Celtic Shamanism and The Ancient Wisdom of the Druids

Celtic Shamanism: BEcoming the Druid Bean Feasa ( The Wise Woman)

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