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Dental Soul Care Weekly Wandering is reflecting on how little we value self care for ourselves. We give it little importance because we’ve been conditioned to consider self care selfish. We are taught that giving care to others should be our main focus. However self care can be considered selfish, vain, and can riddle one with guilt if you take care of yourself first.

I’m Too Busy
I have realized that there are two phrases that I hear whenever I suggest the importance of self care for oneself:

  1. “I’m too busy.”
  2. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin taking care of myself. Besides I’d feel too guilty if it took time away from my family, work, significant other, etc.”

Reflecting on these overused phrases I see now that they are fear based.
How are they fear based?

  1. “Being too busy” can mean that to create a space to quiet your mind from all the chatter of day to day life may bring up past emotional wounds of loss, guilt, anger, and frustration,  It’s normal to feel that way, its  not normal to carry all that baggage around without having a way to express and release it.
  2. Guilt, that powerful energy and soul eater with a voracious appetite for negative thinking about yourself. For most of our lives we are labeled to be this and that and live up to others expectations which are impossible to meet. The only expectations you can live up to are your own. Sadly, many of us set our own personal expectations too low due to poor self esteem and confidence or for the approval of others.
  3. Besides being fear based, the above statements are also signs and signals of not feeling safe. You may not feel safe:
    • With who you are
    • Unless you have the approval of others.
    • If you’re trying to break out of the negative pattern of “I’m too busy” while drowning in the deep well of guilt.

True Self Identity
Self care or taking care of your needs first, strengthens and puts you on the path to becoming the Person You Were Born To Be. This enables you to be a better parent, significant other, employee, employer, and friend.

Self care can begin the process to reclaiming your authentic self, the “coming out” of your True Self Identity and Purpose. It takes courage to no longer seek approval from others when seeking peace, fulfillment and meaning for yourself. The only path to discovering your True Self Identity is through you and your Spirit and no one else.

The Courage to Take That First Step
So how to go about allowing yourself self care which can take you on the Path to Your True Authentic Self? It’s a process and it begins with taking the first step.

  1. Take 5 minutes a day, that’s all, find a quiet place even if it’s the bathroom, and just let your mind daydream of what you want out of life. Don’t allow any negative thoughts to come through. Just allow your mind to wander and daydream.
  2. Take 3 deep breaths and blow out with the intention of releasing any negative energy. Take 3 more deep breaths only this time, breath in with the intention of positive thoughts about yourself and exhale to the Universe love for WHO YOU ARE. For God, the Universe or whatever is your Higher Power, hears your intention and will honor you for it.
  3. For one day, one moment refuse to take any guff or abuse from anyone. Stand up for yourself. Don’t do it in an aggressive way, but in a firm voice without anger. Instead, allow love in your heart to be your Voice. Love can be firm and decisive with excellent results.
  4. Make that massage appointment, change the color of your hair or hairstyle, buy a new outfit, dance under the moon and stars. Anything that will bring YOU joy because you deserve it.

There’s Power in Being True to Yourself
Sometimes we need help with self care, especially if you decide to take that first step to discovering your own authenticity and power within yourself. Yes, there is power in self care and your True Self Identity.

I Can Help You
I can help you with taking that first step to self care.
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Dental Soul Care is committed to helping people in the healthcare field with holistic insights for their own personal self care and development which leads to building better relationships with each other and their patients.

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