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Stress, humiliation, betrayal, low self esteem and       respect are words of emotion that sadly many of us relate to. A deeper look within us can show there are times when words of emotion become “wounds” of emotion.

My business, Dental Soul Care evolved from my own emotional wounds that occurred during my life and dental career. These wounds ignited deeper scars from my life and together they set my soul on a blazing inferno of anger and grief.

My Evolution Revolution

I like to use the word “evolved’ in describing how Dental Soul Care came to be. For “evolved” means to gradually change and develop into something better over time. The evolution of my life began when the emotional wounds of my life became a debilitating illness and emotional breakdown. I collapsed and ceased to exist as to who and what I was in life.

“I am not the person I once was
I am not yet who I am becoming”
Laura Day

A complete physical and emotional collapse resulted in severe depression and Fibromyalgia. I went from being an active energetic person to one who was reduced by a body system that refused to work together to make energy for me to walk, talk, or simply lift my arms. The cross wiring of my body also caused my nerve endings to never stop firing which further depleted my life energy and left me in terrible pain.

My personal evolution had begun.

Wanted! My Lost Identity

I went from being an active energetic person to one who was reduced by body systems that refused to work together to make energy for me to walk, talk, or simply lift my arms. The cross wiring of my body also caused my nerve endings to never stop firing which further depleted my life energy and left me in terrible pain. I no longer knew who I was other then someone trapped in a prison of pain with zero life producing energy.


I began writing my own blog last year after a major setback with my Fibromyalgia put my life on hold once again. Through my blog, I began to find my identity and an outlet for my pent up emotional wounds. The first blog I ever wrote was called “Being Fired with Insult and Humiliation” which can be read in full at www.maryjanebrigger.com.

This article was the first of many releases of the torment and humiliation I went through while working for a dental company. Truthfully, the dental company was not the cause of my breakdown; I was already on a road of broken dreams and emotional decay from previous life experiences. My place of employment at that time just happened to be the trigger that charged my implosion.

My Personal Journey of Faith and Healing

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that unresolved pain in your life can actually damage your body over time. It can manifest into physical and/or emotional illness. It was then that I made the conscious decision to go within myself on a soul seeking mission of inner healing and forgiveness.

There is no going back, however there is always going forward”   Laura Day

True inner healing is a process, a series of steps that can be a joyful dance, a walking prayer, or missteps with stomps of rage. My inner healing process called My Personal Journey of Faith and Healing. I call it that since it took a true leap of faith for me to even consider forgiving myself and others for what had happened to me in my life.

This healing path proves can be very hard to walk, and sometimes I take a step backwards on my journey. But for every one step back, I reclaim my strength and personal power to move forward into the Healing Light of Love and Forgiveness that walks with me.

I can be changed by what happens to me. but I refuse to be reduced by it.
— Maya Angelou

I will be honest that my Journey of Faith and Healing has been brutal at times. Often I have fallen off the path due to the enormity of what I had to face and forgive. When this happens I know I do not travel alone,

I have a Spiritual Partner who is always there to encourage me, lovingly teach me my life lesson from a painful experience then help me back on my journey. These life lessons are for me and for the people I am here to serve and help.

The inferno within my life is becoming ashes as I continue on my Journey of Faith and Healing. And I have discovered a remarkable treasure meant just for me:

My True Self, My True Spirit, My True Soul, My True Voice

Empowered by My Own Personal Power

I evolved into a woman who no longer answers to others or allows negative energy or emotions to control me. My personal evolution as a woman empowered me with my own personal power I no longer willing give away.

I am one with my Soul within My Soul, where the core of our True Spirit of Light and Love resides.

Here, in the Soul within the Soul, I merge into  undisturbed or influenced by the outside world. We live as One in love and harmony, with Spirit soulfully guiding me daily.

Each of us has that right, that possibility, to invent ourselves daily. If a person does not invent herself, she will be invented. So, to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.
— Maya Angelou

I now know that I had the power, energy and will to reinvent myself all along. By aligning myself with my discovered purpose, my life work that had lain dormant for many years revealed itself.

My Journey of Faith and Healing led me to another treasure, My Voice. I have a My True Voice, with my right to speak out and express Myself as Who I Am, not what someone wants me to be,

As Ms. Angelou states above, I was bodacious to re-invent myself wise. I was wise to listen to my Spirit, my intuition, the truth in my soul that came from the heartache and pain.

Because it is when you are broken you finally hear the soft whispers of love and guidance that were there all along. We just drowned these soft voices out with a life that conditioned and expected us to wail and wallow in our sorrows.

Tears, Fears, Faith and Joy

I struggle daily with my Fibromyalgia as well as with forgiveness of certain events and people in my life. I have found that forgiveness is healing and healing is a process. Even one baby step in forgiveness is one step forward to my total healed well being.

But I am no longer controlled by these emotions and now I recognize when they try to control me. My falls can be trips or full blown smack downs on my face, but I get up with the help of my Spiritual Partner. When I do get up, I stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out, and move forward with confidence and faith in myself.

My evolution revolution has happened and gratefully I acknowledge this is a life long lesson in personal, spiritual and professional growth.

Change Brings Choices

Change happens in life and often suddenly. This is when we have the choice to not allow ourselves to be reduced by it. Instead, we can choose to grow from it, not re-live it day after day. Choosing to grow from change or a life crisis begins with allowing the healing process to begin within you.

A Course in Miracles says,

Miracles undo the past in the present, thus releasing the future.”

And that is where I come in to serve you, from the lessons I have learned and I continue to learn daily that move my life forward in service to you and my Spirit.

My Commitment

My Purpose


Serve You

For this is my purpose in life, to be your guide as you attempt that first step on the healing path.

My commitment is to offer you a sacred place where you can fully express yourself in trust and confidentiality.

There is no need to travel alone on this journey alone, for I am here to take your hand and walk with you every step of the way.

Please, Allow My….

  • Allow my story to open you up to tell your story.
  • Allow my legacy to help you create your own legacy.
  • Allow me the privilege to be your guide in discovering WHO You Are.
  • Allow me the privilege to first hear you fully Express WHO You Are.
  • Let’s celebrate YOU together!

Its time to take your Power Back and Be the Person You Were Always Meant to Be!

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is owner and founder of Dental Soul Care as a Spiritual Coach and Guide for Dental Professionals. Mary Jane also writes a personal blog on spirituality and the workplace at www.Maryjanebrigger.com.

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