Five Easy Steps To Releasing Stress With a Peaceful Heart

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Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the steps to becoming an enlightened, nice person? Don’t get me wrong, I have read many self help and motivational books that have made a significant, positive impact on my life. I teach many of their principles and successfully use many of their methods with my clients. Yet, when the shellack is really hitting the fan, we often need something very quick and easy to get us back on track to relieve our stress with peaceful results.

Just For Today

Within my training and practice as a Reiki Master, we are taught to live by the simple Five Principles of Reiki that begins with “ Just for today, I will…” followed by a peaceful principle. Each day, we are to choose one of these principles to focus on and apply to whatever is currently going on in our lives that is causing us distress.

For a better understanding of Reiki, click on this link: What Is Reiki?

A Simple System With No Rules

The beauty of this system is there are no dogma or rules on how to use them or how often. They are quick and easy to use. All that is required to use the Reiki Principles is a loving heart and best of all, you do not need to be a Reiki Master to use them. They are simple steps we find in all the great spiritual and religious teachings as well as the basic rules of life.

The Five Reiki Principles are: 

  1. Just for today, I will let go of anger.
  2. Just for today, I will let go of worry.
  3. Just for today, I will do my work to the best of my ability.
  4. Just for today, I will be grateful for my many blessings.
  5. I will show loving kindness and respect to all living things.

Putting the Principles Into Action

In order to understand how to use the Reiki Principles, we can begin by choosing one of the five principles listed above. Let’s choose number one, letting go of anger because there’s always someone pushing our buttons within work or relationships. So for an example, let’s say you have an extremely annoying co-worker. There is always one of those! However, this annoying co-worker is causing you extreme stress within your workspace which is now creeping into your home life. Often money and time are too tight to seek help, so this simple Reiki Principle can be used anytime, as often as you want. And the best part, it is just for today. No pressure to make it a lifelong quest.

Five Easy Steps

Take five minutes or less to center yourself. This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths or just focusing your eyes on an object.
Within your heart, as best you can, bring a sense of Love to yourself by feeling or seeing something or someone you love. You can even place your hands on your heart if you wish.
Now, in your imagination, see this annoying co-worker. Choose just one annoying habit or issue with this individual. Just one and no more.
As best you can, surround this individual in White Light as they are performing within this annoying habit or issue.
Then say to yourself” Just for today, just for this moment, I will let go of the anger I am feeling towards you. “ Just allow yourself to feel any emotion that surfaces, no matter what it is. How does that emotion feel? Say it again if the anger is intense. But, no need to push it. Do as often or as little as you want.

That’s it. You’re done! You have the choice to say this principle just once or throughout the day. The more you say it, though, the more you raise positive vibrational energy around you and this person to eventually cause a positive, direct effect.

Proof That It Works

So how does the simple invocation of a Reiki Principle within our heart center work in releasing your anger? Peer reviewed research from the HeartMath Institute have shown that when we focus on our heart center with love, compassion, gratitude and appreciation, signals from our heart, or what is called Heart Brain Coherence, begin to form new thought patterns to our brain called mind shifting.

The HeartMath Institute research showed that just three days of thinking a positive thought about something or someone within your heart, causes thought patterns to shift the mind to higher levels of compassion, love, gratitude, and appreciation. This Heart Coherence can be the impetus for improving our response and thoughts towards difficult people and situations which also releases the stress that surrounds it.

Boosting the Power of Saying “ Just For Today..”

In regards to our example of “ Just for today, I will let go of anger,” by stating this Reiki Principle once a day or more for three days, along with the Heart Brain Technique, you can improve the chances of releasing one element of anger you feel towards someone or a situation. Continue this for twenty-one days and it becomes a habit or rewired mind shift.

Once you feel that you have released one element of that anger, move onto the next element or aspect that causes you to get angry. The more you do this simple exercise each day, the more you will begin to experience its effects in other areas of your life that you hold anger towards.

Gregg Braden Quick Coherence Technique

I personally use and teach the Quick Coherence Technique, taught by Gregg Braden in the link provided below, along with the Reiki Principles. This brings the heart and brain into coherence to release whatever powerful emotion that is overwhelming you.

Click here to learn this simple, meditative technique along with a Reiki Just for Today Principle:

Powerful Two Step Simple Meditation

It does not have to be a Reiki Principle you recite with or without the Quick Coherence Technique. Sample wording can be, “ I release myself from anger towards….” or, “ I Am free of my anger towards ___ and at I Am peace with myself. “ You can use any word or emotion that currently is causing you to feel distressed and stressed towards someone, a situation or both.

Just For Today

Anger that is allowed to build over time causes extreme stress on the body that can lead to heightened anxiety, insomnia, frequent respiratory distress and even chronic illness. Once, the anger gets to this stage, it has become deeply entrenched within the body and difficult to fully release. However, each small step eventually becomes a healing journey, just one day at a time, one moment at a time. And it all begins with simply saying, “ Just for today…”

Mary Jane Brigger is a Women’s Conscious Empowerment Consultant, Writer, Blogger,Reiki Master and Executive Director of Career Path Success, LLC. Mary Jane provides Conscious Empowerment for Career Success Services through professional presentations, Sacred Empowerment Circles for Women, retreats, workshops and private services that include our newest service Conscious Empowerment for Career Success Intuitive Guidance Sessions or visit her website at Career Path Success, Bridging Consciousness To Career and Personal Success.

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