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The Healing Cottage

60 Minute Channeled Mystic Wise Woman Soul Messages

Channeling the Cosmic Goddesses, Angels, and Elementals

Experience the Mystery of receiving Mystic Soul Messages within the enchantment of  The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio. Located in Amish Country on a small ravine surrounded by woods through sun-streaked trees,  experience a private soul message channeled messages with Wise Woman, Mystic, Seer, Oracle, and Healer, Mary Jane Brigger.  

The Healing Cottage Spirits, Elementals, and Mary Jane warmly welcome you to this Magical Experience of Receiving Sacred and Holy Messages to Guide and Direct Your Soul Journey and Daily Life. 

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is a Mystic Wise Woman, Who Travels Her Life Path as a Spirit Walker, Seer, Healer, and Oracle, guided and directed by the Ancient Wisdom and Old Ways of her Celtic Ancestors, Goddesses, Allies, Divine Feminine Energy, and Elementals. 

Client Testimony:

My reading with Mary Jane and Divine Mother Rose was the absolute best reading I have EVER had.  I have had lifelong issues that I could never understand or get to the bottom of and I have been on a spiritual journey for over 20 years and have had dozens of readings. 

I can’t tell you the weight that is lifted from me in just the understanding of this not to mention the healing I received from Divine Mother.  I feel like I am living in a different dimension, a lighter, brighter, higher, and more loving one.

MA Charlotte, NC

Mary Jane offers this enchanting experience of privacy, seclusion, and confidentiality in person within The Healing Cottage. 

She offers the following Service to Spirit: 

  • Individual only, 60 minute Mystic Soul Message from the Goddesses and Elementals
  • Mystic Soul Messages Include Confidential Guided Messages To Assist and Direct Your Soul Journey With Spiritual Development, and Guidance.
  • Soul Healings are provided within these Sacred Messages from the Goddesses and Elementals

An audio recording of Your Mystic Soul Message will be emailed within 24 hours of receiving your Healing Cottage Magical Experience. 

Mystic Wise Woman Channeled Soul Messages 

Are Offered: 


60 Minutes

To Schedule a Mystic Wise Woman Channeled Soul Message At The Healing Cottage:

Email Mary Jane


Disclaimer for Mystic Wise Woman Soul Messages

Mystic Wise Woman Soul Messages are spiritual readings that will help you gain insight into your life using my ( Mary Jane Brigger) psychic awareness and that I provide for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, we have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.