Intuition: The Keys To Understanding and Unlocking This Powerhouse of Life Force Energy

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There is a driving life force within each one of us that is called our Intuition. Our intuition is a right brain, receiving feminine energy which packs a powerhouse of survival and communication skills within both genders. It alerts you in present time to pay attention to the incoming information flowing through which is guidance on how to react to the energy of the person and/ or situation before you. However, we often block the life force energy of intuition due to embedded fears of our own low expectations generated by self-doubt and lack of self-confidence.

The Union of Your Authentic Self and Higher Power

No matter who you are or what you believe in, you are always tapping into the energy of the greater aspect of yourself. This is often called the Authentic Self which is YOU in union with whatever you call your Higher Power. It is within this sacred union that we stand in the truth of our personal power as individuals meant to live life with a higher purpose and meaning in order to serve the highest good. From this sacred union of your Authentic Self/ Higher Power is where your intuition originates and flows as energetic wisdom and direction within all aspects of your life.

We Are Awakening and More Sensitive To Our Intuition

We are becoming more sensitive and empathetic to the emotional energies of people and our environments as we move through a collective soul evolution around our planet. This means on a collective level, many are on a soul awakening journey of discovering a greater power and force within them.

This awakening is shattering old paradigms of limited belief systems which controlled our thinking and expectations of ourselves. As our sensitivities grow more in tuned to the energy of other people and our environment, our intuition has become heightened in  awareness to the disempowering energy of fear and limited beliefs conditioned into us by culture, religion and a fading, patriarchal based society. As we become more aware of the sacred union of power within ourselves, we are freed from being dictated by outdated, controlling institutional limited belief systems.

Understanding What Blocks Our Intuition

So what are some of limiting beliefs and untruths that have been conditioned into us that blocks the vital flow of information and communication called our “ Intuition?”  I have listed a few of them below: 

  • That intuition is actually the path of crooked psychics, fortune tellers and the emotionally unstable.
  • To follow our intuition is the conjuring of evil thoughts and spirits sent to mislead us in life.
  • Life experiences that left us shattered in self doubt and confidence block trust in ourselves and others.
  • That in order to survive and live a good life, we have been conditioned to believe that all we need can be found outside of ourselves through hierarchical authorities and materialism.
  • The intense fear of rejection and abandonment we may suffer if we follow and embrace the direction of our intuition which may be different from those around you.
  • To follow the fear of herd mentality rather than listen to the wisdom of your intuition that may be showing you a more positive and effective way of improving a situation or relationship.
  • Living life restless and unsatisfied because one is unable to trust the wisdom flow of information flowing from their intuition.
  • Blocking your intuition through living a stress filled life that allows for little or no self care.
  • Lack of a regular of a  meditative or prayer life that quiets the mind to allow for the easy flow of intuition.

These and more all block the communicative flow of information that our intuition brings to us on a daily basis.

Keys To Opening and Trusting Your Intuition

Below I have listed what I consider the key steps to unlocking the power of your intuition and creating a greater union with your Authentic Self/Higher Power:

  • Becoming mindful of how you view and self talk to yourself. This a major key to the strength and power of your intuition. Victim views and self talk disempowers the intuition. Empowered views and self talk strengthen our intuition with greater clarity and flow.
  • Acknowledge that intuition can open the doors to higher dimensions of information and communication that can benefit our everyday lives and careers. This is dependent on how you view yourself and others. Do you see with the eyes of Love or through the eyes of Judgement and Distrust?
  • Taking the steps to go within to quiet and center yourself. This is vital for the life force energy of intuition to flow in order to serve your highest good. The most effective way to achieve this is through meditative practices I will write about in future articles.
  • Feeling safe within your surroundings, relationships, and workplace which encourages less stress upon the mind and body.
  • Developing a deeper sense of focus through meditation or awareness exercises. These can easily be done throughout the day and in future articles will expand on these more.
  • Begin to empower yourself by getting to know yourself. This is the hardest part of opening and trusting your intuition yet vital to forming that sacred union with your Authentic Self/ Higher Power.

Trust Your Gut

In future articles, I will expand on intuition as the vital life force energy that can be developed into higher and more effective life skills. Through these series of articles, I hope to guide and help you through the levels of self doubt and low confidence that block us from leading a happier and more fulfilling life. For now, whenever you feel doubt, hesitation or certainty about what your feeling towards something, trust your gut, for that is the higher power of your intuition working for your greater good.

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Mary Jane Brigger is a Women’s Empowerment and Intuition Development Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher and President and founder of Career Path Success, LLC. She provides conscious empowerment services and programs with her new program, The Way of the Wise Woman, that includes Empowered Intuition Development 3 Step System and our new, Ageless Women Emerging

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