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  Today, July 31, 2015, we have a Blue Full  Moon that is creating the energy of new opportunities, manifestation and new beginnings.

  A Blue Moon, occurs every three years when there are two full moons in one month. This is where the saying ” Once in a Blue Moon” comes from because this phenomenon doesn’t happen    very often. A Blue Moon occurs when the moon aligns between the earth and the sun which then gives it a shimmery blue glow as the sun shines through it directly onto earth. This alignment  of the sun, moon and the earth creates a heightened intensity of energy that affects all living things and the environment we live in.

This Full Blue Moon brings with it the power of releasing what is holding you back in your life and career. Full moons are scientifically proven to energetically affect the rise and fall of tidal waves upon the ocean. Full moons, like the ocean, can also have a tidal wave effects on the energy fields of our environments and personal  selves. This can create a sense of havoc activity around us. That is why when a full moon occurs we tend to say” It must be a full moon! Everyone and everything is acting crazy!” This is where we get the word ” lunacy” from as Luna is Latin for moon.

Blue Moon Energy for Self Reflection

The heightened energy of this Blue Moon brings with it the power of bringing  intentions and desires to full manifestation. If you are feeling stagnant or unhappy in your career or job , this is the time to step back and re- evaluate what you need and desire to bring meaning and fulfillment into your life. Many are feeling the pull to integrate their Life Purpose into their careers as well as their personal lives.

Ask yourself :

1.How does my career bring personal satisfaction and contentment to my life?

2 .How does my career compliment and enhance what I feel is my Life Purpose?

3.How does my career in any way positively contribute to society and the environment I Iive in?

4.How does my career affect my relationships with my co- workers, friends and family life?

If your answers reflect a need to change jobs or careers, this Blue Moon energy is the time to set the intention of change into motion. The Law of Attraction works hand in hand with the power of manifestation. What we think we become. Whatever you are thinking about in your career at this moment is either causing energy blocks to opportunities or encouraging professional growth. If it’s causing energy blocks to opportunities, then the Blue Moon is the time to begin releasing these ingrained thoughts that are preventing you from making necessary changes within your career.

So How Can the Blue Moon Re-Energize Your Career?

So how can you harness this Blue Moon energy to positively affect professional and personal transformation  in your life? Here are some simple ways to do this, either on paper or in a document you can print out:

  1. Write down as specifically as you can, with the words ” I set the intention of..” before each sentence , what you are desiring in a career. The Law of Attraction works on specificity so make it as detailed as possible.
  2. Then,with the words” I release…” in front of it,  write down everything that you feel is holding you back from achieving your personal career goals and satisfaction.Blue Moon with Stars

You have now created the Power of Intention and Abundance for what you desire and need to release in order to receive it. Now you need to set the intention in order for it to manifest.!

To Set the Intention to Manifest Your Desires and Abundance:

  1. Hold the paper you’ve written your intentions on in your hand, or place your hands upon it on a table or desk, closing  your eyes and taking  a deep breath.
  2. As you exhale, relax your body from head to toe. Feel yourself grounded to your seat or on your feet.
  3. Now, focus on the paper you holding or have your hands placed on. Feel the energy of your intentions beneath or within your hands. See a white light surround your intentions and allow it to grow bigger and bigger until it fully surrounds you.
  4. See within your mind’s eye, releasing to the Universe, what you have written down that  is holding you back in your career.
  5. Now, within your mind’s eye, see and feel all that you desire for career satisfaction and fulfillment happening NOW!

With this simple exercise, you have released what is holding you back and activating the Law of Attraction and Abundance. This exercise is especially effective during the high energy of the  Blue Moon or any full moon. This is because the energy in the atmosphere is highly charged during this time to cause change and effect in our environment and lives. However , you can do this exercise anytime with the power of intention.

Creating Ceremony and Celebration Around Blue Moon Energy

My shamanic and energy training encourages one to do ceremony around the power of intention and manifestation. Ancient traditions believed in the power of ceremony and bringing the forces of Mother Nature and Spirit into it. This can be done by shredding and burying the paper you have written your intentions on in the ground with the energy of sending the intention of manifestation and release into Mother Earth for transmutation and transformation.One can also shred the paper and burn it in a fire pit or fireplace to release into the Universe for the same reasons. Or, you can simply keep it in a journal or place it on a table or desk with a crystal upon it. Another way is to sit under and bask in the light of the Blue Moon while holding your intentions. What’s most  important here is that you did this exercise with full intent and heart desire. That is what truly created your energy of intention and manifestation.

The energetic effects of the Blue Moon will be in full force up to two days after it rises and fully aligns with the  earth and the sun before waning. So you can still feel and utilize its high energetic effects for your power of intention and manifestation after the Blue Moon peaks on July 31, 2015.

No matter what intentions and desires you may hold in life right now, this is a good time to pull up a seat and sit under the magnificence of this powerful Blue Moon and soak in its light and energy. Who knows, you may feel a little lunacy overtake you and you’ll howl at the moon!

Bay on My Friends!

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Mary Jane Brigger is owner of Soul Care Experience and a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Certified Body Story Expert. At Soul Care Experience, we Heal Hearts and Awaken Souls with holistic services to heal the mind, body and soul. To schedule a personal session, retreat or speaking engagement, contact Mary Jane Brigger at : 419-846-1175 or MJ@SoulCareExperience.Com. www.SoulCareExperience.Com

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