Life Coach or Spiritual Coach, So What’s the Difference?

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What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Spiritual Coach? This is a question that many are not sure of when seeking help and direction in their lives and careers. Both Life and Spiritual Coaching improve a person’s quality of life, and in many cases, both fields of coaching can be blended for better outcomes.

However Spiritual and Life Coaching can be as different as much as they can be similar.

Just as many professions are based on the same core competencies and values, many branch out in sub specialties. For example, a family care doctor is different from an orthopedic surgeon. Same basic medical training and internships, but both doctors made a decision to focus on a particular aspect of the human body. Both are called doctors, but have strengths and additional training in the areas they specialize in, thus improving the quality of medical care we receive.

The same is true for Life and Spiritual Coaching. Many of us coaches have had some type of life coaching training and experience; however, we made the decision to focus on a strength and with additional training in the areas we specialize in, thus helping to  improve the quality of human life for many individuals.

There are other coaching specialties that may fall under Life Coaching, but for the benefit of this article and profession, we will focus on Life and Spiritual Coaching.

So then, what is the difference between a Life Coach and a Spiritual Coach?

Life Coach

A Life Coach provides guidance and direction in helping people achieve personal and external professional success. The Life Coach is fully focused on the client’s needs and wants. Clients often develop a close bond with their Life Coaches due to the confidentiality and trust of the coach/client relationship.

Many Life Coaches provide what could be called a road map to success that assists the client in identifying and improving their skills, motivations and abilities in response to future events and opportunities. This road map may be comprised of many tools for success that may include personality assessments and professional guidance to name a few.

This roadmap could be used for careers, relationships, workplace conflict as well mentoring for a life of success. Although the Life Coach does work with the inner self or internal side of a client, the focus is more on achieving successful external goals and outcomes from life and/or careers.

Life Coaching can be focused on the inner self of a client especially when it comes to relationship, dating and life skills coaching. Life Coaching can be a very important step in a person’s life and career with enhanced self improvement and career management skills.

Spiritual Coach

A spiritual coach is for spiritual people who are seeking more from their souls. Spiritual Coaches provide inner guidance and insight in raising greater awareness and consciousness of body, mind and soul.

A Spiritual Coach is focused more on the emotions and feelings of an individual to help them break free from self defeating thoughts and behavior brought on by unresolved pain and internal conflict within their souls. A Spiritual Coach can also be a guide for the individual who is already on a spiritual path or for the one who is wrestling with the path they are on.

Soul Partners

The focus of most Spiritual Coaches is to help bring balance, harmony and peace to one’s body, mind and soul. Spiritual Coaches can become Soul Partners in guiding their clients to attaining greater spiritual awareness of who they are. This can lead to a life changing transformation of discovering a purpose in their lives and learning how to manifest that purpose into reality.

A Spiritual Coach can heighten living in greater consciousness through guiding a client on their personal life paths and journeys. A Spiritual Coach is focused on the inner soul feelings and needs of an individual who then develops a positive attitude towards life in order to deflect the negativity of the external environments around them.

Spiritual Coaches focus on raising consciousness, healing, life purpose, behavior, illness and life crisis. For many, spiritual coaching is the life preserver to a greater understanding of life and the problems that come with it along with discovering a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life.

Many Spiritual Coaches are non-denominational and some are based on a specific belief system or religious belief. The individual has to determine what is best for them. All of us are equal under the eyes of God.

Training and Certification

Currently there are no regulations or mandated training for Life and Spiritual Coaching. As an informed consumer, you may want to look around, and talk to other people who have successfully hired a Life or Spiritual Coach themselves. Many coaches are certified in their area of expertise through the International Coach Federation and many other highly qualified training programs.

A Desire to Serve in Bettering People’s Lives

Many people find it difficult to determine what it is they really need. They say they are not sure what they are looking for, all they know is that they need individualized help in their lives. Many seek help from self help books, books on spirituality as well as good friends which may be all that individual needs.

But often that is not enough; many people need a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, someone who will listen to them and most of all, trust with their confidences. Both Life and Spiritual Coaches have a desire and passion to serve in bettering people’s lives and careers and hold your trust and confidentiality sacred.

How Do I Decide and What Does It Cost?

Many coaches offer a free consultation to help you decide if life or spiritual coaching is for you. Yes, coaching in any form can range from $100.00 an hour and up. Others provide package deals and innovative ways in order to fit your needs. Although it may be easier to say then do, money should never be the #1 factor in deciding if you hire a coach or not. Money can’t buy you love or happiness, but it can be used to help you discover the life, career and happiness that may elude you now.

It is an investment in YOU, an investment that will pay you back in life a thousand times over from learning how to move forward in life and career, as well living a life that is happier and often, easier to live in with peace and success. You cannot put a price on personal happiness and discovering that you now have the power and will to make a difference in your life and others.

Dental Soul Care


Mary Jane Brigger.Com

My own Spiritual Coaching business is built on the foundation of holistic spiritual and emotional healing from deep emotional pain and heartache.  My writings and services tend to reach and target the individual who is already on a spiritual path or wrestling with the one they are on.

My belief is that many people have grief and heartache buried deep within their souls. If this internal pain is left unresolved, it can have a daily negative impact on their lives, careers, and spiritual growth. It happened to me and I developed a serious chronic illness. My spiritual healing and guidance is based on my own continuing Journey of Faith and Healing.

This same belief is why Dental Soul Care evolved out of my 25 years within the dental community. As in any profession, there are aspects of the dental business that can be difficult as well as rewarding.

I have always said if you know the nature of the beast, you can better serve others. I saw many dental professionals who stressed and burned out due to unresolved personal and professional conflict and pain that could have been addressed or avoided.

This is why Dental Soul Care was created and developed, to help those who have lost their self respect and confidence in a profession many still love.

Hopefully I have answered some questions about who I am and why I do it. I also hope it helps people who need help in their lives where these two coaching professions could be of tremendous help to you or a group. If not, contact me at and I will do all I can to help you.

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