Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle

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The Celtic Wise Woman Inner Circle Series


Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle 

 Experience Loving Messages From

The Higher Realms of Spirit and Loved Ones


Mary Jane Brigger 

Celtic Wise Woman/Trance Medium/Voice of Spirit

The Healing Cottage

West Salem, Ohio 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

4:30 pm – 7:00 pm



Space Limited to 10 Women Only

 What Is A Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle? 

A Seance is when a Medium gathers in a circle, often around tables, with others to bring in messages from Spirits and Loved Ones. Seace’s popularity goes back to the Spiritualist Movement, yet has been around for centuries whenever small groups gathered for Spirit communication. 

Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle

Here at The Healing Cottage, we follow the Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality Tradition of holding Seances, which we hold very Sacred, with women seated together, with a Trance Medium, within a Sacred Circle rather than around a table. Within the Sacred Circle, a special altar will be created to honor the Goddess, Spirits, and women who will be gathering in Circle to hear and receive messages from the Afterlife. 

The Healing Cottage and The Celtic Wise Woman follow the Old Ways of  Celtic Women Spirituality by Honoring the Goddess and Her Divine Energy within our ceremonies and channeled messages. 

The Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle Is Facilitated By A Trance Medium

The Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle is facilitated by a Spiritual Trance Medium, who is Mary Jane Brigger, a Celtic Wise Woman and Trance Medium, who will be the Voice of Spirits who wish to bring forth loving messages and guidance. 

Celtic Wise Woman Mary Jane is known for being the Voice of the Sacred Sisterhood/ Motherhood who come from the Higher Realms of Light which include Angels, Ascended Masters, and Council of Elders. We will also invite in Passed Over Loved Ones who may wish to speak to individuals within the Sacred Seance Circle. 

What Happens Within a Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle?

A Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle begins with a Ceremony To Honor the Goddess and To Call In Spirit. The Sacred Seance will begin with Mary Jane first going into Trance, a highly elevated state of BEing with Spirit, to blend her energy with the Higher Light Realms of Spirit. We will close the Circle with a Ceremony to Honor The New Moon.

What Happens When Mary Jane Goes Into Trance? 

Trance is when a medium goes into a deep, often hypnotic or mesmerized state, which allows Spirit to merge its essence within Mary Jane’s body to use her Voice and BEing as a vessel to provide messages of Love and Guidance to those gathered in the Sacred Seance Circle.

 Questions may be asked of these Higher State of Light Beings, with messages from Loved Ones provided after the Beings of Light have stepped aside. 

We Honor the Sacredness of Spirit

The Healing Cottage and Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality honor that all Spirit Communication is Sacred with High Reverence and Respect for Her Divine Presence and Love. 

Please note, that we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a message and which Spirits will consent to come in during the Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle.  

The Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle Is Limited To 10 Women Only!




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Women Only Please

No Children are allowed and must be 18 years or older to attend