Revised and Alive, the New Dental Soul Care!

Holistic Insights and Servant Leadership Dental Soul Care will now be dedicated to providing information, education and implementation to the dental profession regarding holistic insights and approaches to both personal and professional development. . . . → Read More: Revised and Alive, the New Dental Soul Care!

Emotion Locomotion

Stress, humiliation, betrayal, low self esteem and       respect are words of emotion that sadly many of us relate to. A deeper look within us can show there are times when words of emotion become “wounds” of emotion.

My business, Dental Soul Care evolved from my own emotional wounds that . . . → Read More: Emotion Locomotion

Truth and Consequences

Inner healing is a choice we make based on what we know about ourselves. And what we know is largely based on how we were raised and the conditioning of our paths in life. Many think they do not have choices in their lives, but we do. It is the consequences our . . . → Read More: Truth and Consequences