Tapping Into Your Inner Shaman for Career and Personal Success

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ShNative American Looking Outamans are called ” Medicine People”  by indigenous tribes and Energy Medicine Practitioners in this  current day and age .Shamans walk between the worlds of spirit and work directly  with  energy. When confronted with a problem or situation , Shamans go within and become the ” Observer” of the issue, tapping into the spirit of the energy that presents itself in order to  find the  solution. Shamans practice being the Observer by being mindfully present at all times.

When confronted with a situation or issue from a client for guidance , Shamans tap into the energy of the client as to what  is happening in the present moment and not in the past or future.  The past has already happened and how we deal with our current situation will determine the future. Shamanic practitioners  stay present in the energy of the NOW for direction and  wisdom.  Once they have tapped into the energy of the problem, they clear the negative energy from the client with what is called an ” Illumination” or ” Soul Clearing.” This clears the client’s energy field of the negative energy that has been affecting them in order to reset the mind, body and soul to absorb Light and to re- start life fresh and anew.

I have attached a link to a shamanic monthly forecast for August presented by The Power Path. This month’s shamanic forecast tells us to always be present and an observer in any situation in order to find the solution. We cannot find it in the past or future, but in the NOW. In being Present, we see what we must clear out of our lives which no longer serves us which includes relationships, jobs, toxic people and situations in order to achieve greater success.

Follow the path of the Shaman by clearing out ” the clutter” of past wounds and situations that have led to stagnation and victimization in your life. By doing this, you create  space  to allow new positive opportunities and relationships to come your way.  Tap into the energy of your Inner Shaman to create positive opportunities for personal and professional success!

Read the link below for more shamanic guidance and tips .


Mary Jane Brigger is owner of Soul Care Experience and a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Certified Body Story Expert. At Soul Care Experience, we Heal Hearts and Awaken Souls with holistic services to heal the mind, body and soul. To schedule a free consultation for a personal coaching or energy session, career assessment , workshop,retreat or speaking engagement, contact Mary Jane Brigger at : 419-846-1175 or MJ@SoulCareExperience.Com. www.SoulCareExperience.Com
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