The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part II

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Who Am I?

My chronic illness escalated in relentless pain and loss of energy. My mind and body became imprisoned by these ailments as my spirit and soul grew darker. The chronic illness had always been a problem, but these new symptoms were frightening and more debilitating. I prayed daily for relief in body and soul, searching for an answer to this sudden change in my life.

I began to question God, demanding answers to why this was happening to me. Spiritual warfare became greater then my physical ailments as the questions of “Who Am I?” and “Why Did This Happen?” burned in my heart and soul. And the more I fought my Spirit on this, the deeper I fell into the recesses of my soul.

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare began breaking my body down from the physical level to the deepest level of my soul. Within myself I kept shouting, “Who Am I and Why Am I Here? Why do I feel so alone within myself as my body and spirit weakens?”

Finally, one day I threw my arms up and declared out loud, “I release this broken body and spirit back to where it came from. I am finished.” To put it more bluntly, I made the choice to give up, let the consequences fall where they may. And the consequences fell at the crossroads of my life.

Follow Me

I will be sharing with you on my blog the road I chose to travel. These blogs will be spread out throughout the coming weeks, as the road I chose to travel is a journey of inner healing.

Inner healing is a process that takes time and support. I choose you, my beloved readers, to be my support. Please take my hand and follow me as I share with you my own personal journey of inner healing.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger lives  in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.Mary Jane’s past life experience includes over 25 years in dentistry, which was an amazing journey of clinical work, community outreach, and business management. Her life journey has taken other paths of education, community outreach and career coaching.

Mary Jane is blessed with her husband Jack, the love of her life.

Mary Jane shares her life, business and spiritual experiences on her blog and on her website at:

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