The Healing Art of Soulful Dentistry

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In social or professional gatherings, you may be asked what you do for a living. You may say “I am a dentist”. In reply to your answer, how would you react if someone said to you:

  • As a dentist, do you consider yourself an artist?
  • Would you consider yourself a healing source within the art of dentistry?
  • So as a dental artist and healing source, do you consider this to be a personal spiritual calling?
  • Then as an artist and a healing source in the practice of dentistry, do you credit the success of your dental practice to your deep spirituality?

Quite possibly you would not know how to answer this person and politely excuse yourself. But what if these questions and observations intrigued you instead? What if they hit on a nerve that caught your attention? What if reading this article has you curious about The Healing Art of Soulful Dentistry?

Read the following statements carefully. As you are reading, notice how you are feeling and where in your body you feel it the strongest. It may be a good feeling, no feeling, or a sad, painful feeling. There is no right or wrong answer for it is whatever you feel.

Take a deep breath, clear your mind and open your heart as you read the following statements:

  • I am an artist.
  • I can visualize what I want or need to create.
  • I can bring my creation to reality and function.
  • I am compassionate and passionate.
  • I consider it a sacred trust and vow to respect and appreciate my patients and staff for who they are.
  • I am a healer through the soulful art of dentistry.

Which statement resonated with you the most? In other words, did one or more statements jump out at you? What emotion did you feel? Where in your body did you feel it? Did your heart and soul become restless with a yearning for something more then you have in life?  Did you feel pain in one area and love in another? As a dentist, can you truthfully see yourself as a creator, a visionary, an artist with the compassion to bring healing to people with pain and shame of their smile? Or is it just a job, with no real emotional value in it?

You may find yourself going back to these statements as you go about your day. Don’t analyze it just let it flow through you as a beacon of light. Best yet, write down what emotions and feelings you had while reading the above statements and review them for a few days.

Spirit, God or whatever you call your Higher Source is the one doing the healing. You are the vessel that the healing is channeled through. You can rightfully argue that you are not a healer and that you have the technical skills to provide optimal dental care as you were trained to do.

What I am saying is that within any facet of healthcare we can consciously provide more than just technical skills, we can provide a healing presence. A Healing Presence is:

  • When each of your patients feels respected as the person they are, no matter how annoying or non compliant they can be.
  • Knowing you occupy personal intimate space of your patients where you are closer to their soul then you realize.
  • Is when the eyes reflect the soul of a person that beside fear of the dentist may also be struggling with internal pain and struggle.
  • Being aware of your own spirituality and awareness so as to sense when a patient is in despair and in need of comfort and reassurance.
  • When you realize that you realize how important it is to make eye contact with your patient that reflects the Spirit in your soul.
  • When your patients leave your office feeling better then when they came in. Not as much physically but spiritually.

We are all healers if we choose to be. However, when one enters the field of healthcare, you have chosen a profession to help people. No matter what position you hold in healthcare, there is an invisible vow that is spiritually expected of you:

  • Treat all people as you would be expected to be treated.
  • The person in your dental chair is not the 2:00 crown, but a real live human being who is also a child of God.

There is a wise old saying that goes,” After you had taken your leave, I found God’s footprints on my floor” by Rabindranath Tagore. Let’s rephrase that to say:

After you left my dental treatment room, I found God’s imprint in my dental chair.”


This is the Healing Art of Soulful Dentistry. Take the time to really assess the miracles you are part of everyday as you help relieve people of pain and allow the smile to come back into their lives again.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a Dental Soul Care Coach with over 25 years experience serving in the dental community in the United States. Mary Jane founded Dental Soul Care to provide holistic insights and spiritual guidance to dental professionals seeking more meaning from their life and careers.


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