The Radiance of Inner Beauty

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This year for Christmas, my sister Annie gave me a book called,” Guardians of Being” by Eckart Tolle. The book is brilliantly laid out as a child’s book, and even though I would recommend you read it to a child, it is meant for adults. A beautiful message put into a simple form of reaching and achieving the meaning of the NOW, the PRESENT MOMENT, the deeper connection to BEING.

With the simple soul stirring artwork of Patrick McDonnell, Eckart Tolle takes us into the world of Nature and the relationship with our dogs and cats. The author states that our pets are teachers of the power and importance of living in the Moment, of just Being. To quote Eckart Tolle from “Guardians of Being” he beautifully states,” When you pet a dog or listen to a cat purring, thinking subsides for a moment and a Place of Stillness arises within you, a Doorway into Being.”

A Place of Stillness, a Doorway into Being. What is that? How does that occur? How do I know it is happening? The next time you pet your dog, stroke your cat, gaze at a sunset or sunrise, allow yourself to feel the deep Inner Beauty of Peace, a connection to something greater that resides within you.

At that very moment, release all the wrestling of your mind; become suspended in The Place of Stillness where you can hear your soul’s whisperings. This is what I call the Radiance of Your Inner Beauty, the soul connection to your True Self, Your Sacred Source. The Doorway into Being that opens to reveal the person you are born to be, united with Your True Self and One with Your Spirit.

In Guardians of Being, Mr. Tolle’s message is that animals are born connected to Nature, and never lose the gift of living in the moment and then moving on. The Gift of Nature can be:

  • Looking into the soulful eyes of a dog that gives you unconditional love, even though he just chewed up your favorite shoes.
  • Coming home after a bad day, feeling beat up and bruised, to hear a joyful bark, see a happy wagging tail, or the soft purring sounds as the cat lovingly weaves and rubs against your ankles.
  • Becoming suspended in the moment of the gentle care of your pets as they guide you to experience Your Inner Beauty, Your True Self as Your Sacred Source caresses you with comfort, peace and love.
  • When sadness or anger of the day becomes temporarily invisible, Suspended in Time as your dog licks your face, your cat curls up in your lap, or for the first time you believe in angels when you hear the birds sing.

Regardless if it is animals, flowers, art, sunsets, children, whatever makes you stop in wonder is the Presence of the Moment, the Place of Stillness that connects you to Your True Self and Sacred Source. This connection allows the Radiance of Your True Inner Beauty to with the Power of Now and the Lesson of the Moment.

The Radiance of True Inner Beauty is a reflection of a soul connected to the Sacred Source of their Being.

Would you like to connect to your True Self and Sacred Source? How would it feel if you could instantly be in The Place of Stillness? Imagine having the Radiance of Your True Inner Beauty shining so bright that it makes a difference in the world? Then it’s yours and all for the asking.

We are all born with these gifts and abilities but are unaware we possess them. All you have to do is ask your Sacred Source to reveal them to you. Doorways will open and journeys of faith and healing will begin as you become the Person You Are Born to Be with a deeper connection to Being.

Mary Jane Brigger is spiritual writer and Soul Listener at

www.Women’s Soul Care.Com.

You can contact Mary Jane at or at

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