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We began this week discussing someone in the workplace that we disliked. Then we reflected on the true reason why we disliked this person enough to have vengeful thoughts against them. We discussed The Law of Chaos from a Course in Miracles that says if someone does not believe as I do they must be punished in some way, such as grudges, gossip, etc. We ended with that to find a solution to this problem, we have to change, and not the person you dislike. We ended our discussion with how this is a Gift, an opportunity to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

Wednesday Awakenings is taking whatever you have learned or become aware of this week to bring change within you. Life crisis in any form is a spiritual alert that change and opportunity is at hand. It may not seem that way, considering the anger, pain and grief that a life crisis can bring. It blows the lid off the Pandora’s Box of stored emotions that now explode with new emotions. A volatile mix if not handled properly.

Disliking someone so intensely is a life crisis. It is also an awakening of your mind, body and spirit to begin a healing process within you. And that is the Gift.

In order to heal, we must make the conscious choice to change a part of ourselves that is making us unhappy or even sick. Making a choice to change how you react to people you dislike or have hurt you is not discounting what happened. Instead, the choice to change your response is to say this anger attachment does not serve me; instead it hurts and diminishes me personally, professionally and spiritually.

  • It’s a choice that focuses on you and not on someone or something that hurts you.
  • It’s a choice that says my life is more important to focus my energies on then someone else’s.
  • It’s a choice to examine why this person or situation caused you such angst. What is the true root cause of these emotions?
  • It’s a choice to face the truth about ourselves which often can be the root cause of our emotions of anger and hurt.

These life choices take great courage to make. And life choices to face yourself is the first step in the healing process of emotional wounds. The Gift? The gift is that every day, every moment we are given the opportunity to make a choice in how we react to life challenges and what it brings around us. Notice I said around us, not in us.

Life’s lessons come to us not to admonish us, but to love us in showing there is a better way to live, see and feel life. It takes courage to change how you feel about someone who you find so unbearable to work with, harder, to find any good in them.

But one tiny step to see good in them, one tiny step to congratulate yourself for taking such a bold step is grace in action.

What we have discussed so far this week encompasses more then can be written in this blog. Hurt, resentment, anger and grief are intense emotions that take time to heal, courage to face. But one tiny step to begin healing a wounded part of yourself, is a big step towards total well being.

Use Wednesday’s Awareness of taking one tiny step of living in the now, the present. Don’t focus on the past or the future, focus on this second, this minute and take one tiny step away from focusing on someone’s else’s life and focus on the beauty of You, the Beauty of the Courage and Strength you have awakened within yourself. That is the Gift, the Present, of taking one tiny step to choose make lemons into life nourishing sweet lemonade.

(By the way, lemons are used for cleansing and cleaning out the body. For this blog, we’ll use if for cleansing and cleaning out of the soul!)

Come back tomorrow for Thursday Thoughts. I would love to hear from you and any comments you may have.

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Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger brings holistic insights to address the many issues and problems she encountered from her 25 years in dentistry. Mary Jane uses her own personal experiences in dentistry that reflect her own personal journey to heal and learn from difficult situations and people.

Mary Jane provides the shoulder to lean on with the soulful appreciative listening that so many need to overcome painful circumstances. As a friend and a guide, Mary Jane will walk with you on your healing path to wholeness and well being.

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