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Recently I took a walk in the woods that led me to a creek that was flowing furiously after recent heavy rains. The high grass along the bank of the creek lay flattened from the flooding waters of the night before, covered in slick wet mud. As I stepped gingerly upon the wet muddy grass to get closer to the roaring flow of the creek, I heard what sounded like music coming from the center of the creek bed where water was cascading over medium sized rocks. I listened intently as the music I was hearing had a drumming sound to it that was accompanied by a harmony of notes that ranged from the tones of a tuning fork to small tinkling bells. I looked around to see if this music was coming from a nearby home or passing car which would be difficult since I live in a rural community where homes are pastures away on little traveled roads. It was then I realized I was a hearing a song in a language without words that drew me deeper within myself.

Harmonic Tones Sing a Wordless Language of Wisdom

My attention was pulled back to the harmony of the water music as it cascaded over the level of rocks in the creekbed. It grew louder as I focused my attention on the drumming sounds of the flowing water with its harmonic tones rising. I began to listen deeper to the water singing its song of flow and carefree release. It was not a voice of words I heard in water’s song, but a language of nature that was in harmony with itself despite the heavy flooding of the night before.

My focused intent to hear this language of nature opened the flow of my intuition with the wisdom I was seeking that day for clarity regarding a professional decision I had been struggling to make. It wasn’t a human voice that spoke to me in a language I readily recognized. Instead, it was the vibrational language of Mother Nature who speaks and sings to us in harmonic tones of sounds and vibration.

I See You, I Hear You and What You Say Matters

Intuitively, this flow of wisdom taught me that our answers are always around and within us yet not always revealed in the conventional and traditional ways we often seek them. The power of deep listening is when we bring our hearts and souls into attunement with who or what we are communicating with. This heartfelt coherence of souls taps into the deeper language of our Spirit which does not speak through mindless chatter of fear, anger, judgement or uncertainty. Instead, it speaks with the Voice of Love with the language that says, ” I see you, I hear you and what you say matters.”

Deep Listening Opens the Doors To Untapped Wisdom

Deep listening requires practice and going deep within yourself on a daily basis. The power of your intuition releases its wisdom when we allow ourselves to become attuned to hearing, seeing and experiencing what is considered the unseen. This deep intuitive listening opens the doors to worlds of untapped wisdom where we see the Oneness we share with who or what we are communicating with. It is not words that always binds or guides us, but the silent voice of our spirit who sings to us through the deep, connective emotions of our soul.

Action Step To Harmonize With the Voice of Nature

Here is a little meditation or centering of yourself to experience the wordless, harmonic Voice of Nature.

  • Go to a place outside or you can even use image or video of nature that grabs your attention.
  • Take a deep breath and as you release it feel your heart expand as it opens to receive relaxation. Now allow yourself to feel a deep emotion that promotes love and kindness within you to come into harmony with nature before you.
  • Now open your heart with the intention of hearing what this harmonic voice of nature has to say or reveal to you. This step allows your intuition to flow with its wisdom.
  • Give thanks for the message that nature is revealing to you in its wordless language regardless if you experience it or not at that moment.
  • Then close your meditation and go about your day. Stay open to any insights you receive during the day or even any synchronicities.

Try practicing this with flowers, plants, trees, rocks or just watching the blue or starlit sky. Just minutes a day will harmonize you to the language of nature and all the wisdom it has to share with you.

Mary Jane Brigger is an Intuitive Ageless Wise Woman and owner of Career Path Success whose services empowers women to see themselves not through the limitations of their age but through the power of their intuitive wisdom. The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman is the signature program of Career Path Success which provides personal, professional and spiritual empowerment to women seeking to Become the Woman They Were Born To BE. For more information, go to CareerPathSuccess.Com or follow Mary Jane’s Blog at MaryJaneBrigger.Com



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