Fibro Spirituality for Women

 Spiritual Empowerment for Women With Fibromyalgia  

Welcome to Fibro Spirituality where we focus on personal and spiritual empowerment for women who live with Fibromyalgia, chronic illness, and pain. 

Exploring Fibromyalgia Through the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

After losing my career, family life as I knew it, and personal self identity to Fibromyalgia, I began to explore the relationship of the mind, body, and soul to the manifestation of chronic illness, pain, and disease.

We are not born to be sick 

We are born to feel safe, powerful, and self confident, in our mind, body, and soul. 

Spirituality and Personal Empowerment

 This exploration eventually attuned me to the profound spirituality and effects of energy healing, meditation, intuition, healing spirits, and alternative medicine that empowered me as a woman while traveling my transformative journey of inner, emotional, and physical healing. 

Mind, Body and Soul Connection to Fibromyalgia

Join me as I share my personal story of Fibromyalgia and how I learned, with current scientific research the relevance and importance of how emotional stress, environment, and low self confidence can often lead to chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia. 

Inner Healing Experiences and Awakenings

I will share my many healing and spiritual experiences on my awakened pathways through alternative medicine and energy healing for Fibromyalgia which resulted in my becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive with my own energy healing practice for the last ten years. 

3 Sacred Keys To Spiritual Feminine Empowerment & Well BEing

I will also share the 3 Sacred Keys of Feminine Empowerment & Well BEIng that will attune and activate the powerful Woman You ARE Born To BE! 

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is the founder of The Way of the Ageless Wise Woman located in West Salem, Ohio.  She provides feminine sacred empowerment as a writer, psychic medium, Certified Body Story Expert, Reiki Master/Teacher, Death Midwife, with a BA in Healthcare Management from Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio.

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