Attuning and BEcoming the Oracle, Seer, and Healer

The Mystic Wise Woman

Sacred Feminine Energy Intuitive Development Circles

August 2021

Attuning and BEcoming the Oracle, Seer, and Healer

Ascending To the Higher Energies and Vibrations Of Our Sacred Feminine Intuitive Gifts

Zoom Circles and One Day Healing Cottage Retreat

2 Tuesdays/ 2 Thursdays Evenings in August 2021

Saturday In Person Saturday Day Retreat At The Healing Cottage in July

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Increasing Your Feminine Gifts As a Psychic, Medium, and Healer

BEcoming the Mystic Wise Woman is to raise the energetic vibrations of your current gifts as a medium, psychic, and healer to higher dimensional levels that include spirit channeling. This is where we BEcome the Voice of the Oracle, the  Visionaries of the Seer, and the Vibrance of the Healer. 

As the Mystic Wise Woman, you will receive messages of more profound ageless wisdom with greater clarity and guidance from the Higher Dimensional Realms of the Holy Spirit adding more depth and spirituality to your readings.

BEing Called To Re-Member We Are Priestesses

 As intuitives, psychics , mediums and energy healers,  we are being called to re-member  our priestess lineages as oracles, seers and healers. This is your personal Mystic Wise Woman initiation to awaken and ignite your Sacred Feminine Intuitive Gifts, your  “ sacred ageless wisdom” while also re-membering  and re-uniting with the Divine Sacred Energy of the Great Mother.

Experience the mystic attunement to higher vibrations of the Sacred Feminine Energy within you as you re-member the Mystic Wise Woman that you are. As you attune to the higher frequencies of your Sacred Feminne Energy, you will Ignite the power of your intuition, your sacred ageless wisdom with clarity and confidence as you BEcome the Wise Woman,Oracle, Seer and Healer within your life. 

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Who is the Mystic Wise Woman? 

  • The Mystic Wise Woman is a spiritually empowered woman who is seeking to experience The Sacred Feminine Energy which has been dismissed and shamed by outdated patriarchal religions and traditions. 
  • The Mystic Wise Woman is experiencing the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes as Consciousness Rises.
  • The Mystic Wise Woman is re-membering her sacred priestess lineage as a Holy Woman of Sacred Gifts and Skills.
  • The Mystic Wise Woman is no longer satisfied or content with her current spiritual practice that she finds no longer serves her.
  • The Mystic Wise Woman is ready to merge and attune to the power of her Sacred Feminine Energy, Her Inner Wise Woman which leads her directly into the Arms of the Great Mother. 
  • The Mystic Wise Woman is ready to stand in her spiritual power while powerfully expressing her Sacred Feminine Gifts as more than an intuitive, psychic, or medium, but as an Ageless Wise Woman, Oracle, Seer, and Healer.

The Mystic Wise Woman Sacred Intuitive Development Circles is for:

  •  Beginner or advanced psychics, mediums, and energy healers who are seeking a deeper spiritual attunement to Spirit and their Sacred Feminine Energy.
  •  For women desiring to know more about their Sacred Feminine Energy and Gifts in order to develop a deeper spiritual practice and sacred union with their priestesshood, Inner Wise Woman, and Great Mother. 
  • Women seeking greater self confidence and trust within themselves as personal and global Changemakers.
  • Those seeking to increase to know more about stepping into, and BEcoming the Higher Divine Energies of the Christ Consciousness.

Are You Ready To Attune and BEcome The Mystic Woman, Oracle, Seer and Healer?

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For Questions, Please Email: Mary Jane Brigger