Celtic Wise Women’s Séance Circle

The Healing Cottage

Channeling and Receiving Messages From the Great Mother


Beltane Ceremony of Personal Rebirth 

Saturday, April 29, 2023

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

West Salem, Ohio 

The Celtic Wise Women’s Seance Circle is based on the ancient Sacred Feminine tradition of gathering women in Circle, surrounded by Sunlight and Mother Nature to bring in and communicate with Spirit and the Elementals.

        Celtic Wise Women’s Seance Circle

Unlike Traditional Spiritualist Seances which are held at night by candlelight, Celtic Wise Women’s Seance Circles gather within the bright Light of Day, seated in a large Circle, illuminated and surrounded by Mother Nature’s Magic within The Healing Cottage. 

Lady Empowerment At The Healing                         Cottage

 Within the Celtic Wise Women Circle, we have an altar to honor the Sacred Feminine Celtic Tradition of the Goddess, Priestess, and Wise Woman that represent the Awen, Cauldron, Four Directions, Faeries, Light, Oracle Cards, and More.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal items to put on the Altar of the Celtic  Sacred Feminine Energy.

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 With floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that look out onto woods and a babbling brook, experience the Spirit and the Grace of the Great Mother that includes the Magic of the Elemental and Faery Spirit that surround The Healing Cottage.

Wooded View From The Healing Cottage

Mary Jane Brigger is a Voice for The Divine Mother, of the Higher Realms of the Sacred Feminine through Trance Mediumship/Channeling bringing messages from the Spirits of the Divine Mother for our Times as well as personal messages for those who attend.

Each woman attending will receive a personal message from The Great Mother with loving guidance and direction. 



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Which Is Located On Private Property

The Healing Cottage

The Healing Cottage is located in West Salem, Ohio

Off  I-71

20 Minutes Outside Wooster, Ohio

Greater Cleveland – 60 Minutes off South I-71

Great Akron – 45 -60 Minutes off I-76 West to I-71 South

Greater Columbus 90 minutes off  I- 71 North

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Mary Jane


Mary Jane Brigger West Salem, Ohio 


Mary Jane Brigger is a Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer, and Voice of Spirit as a Medium and Channeler. She is also a practicing  Celtic Wise Woman at her location called The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio

Mary Jane focuses her practice on spiritually empowering women as Oracles. Healers, and Seers through the teachings of Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality at The Healing Cottage Retreats and Circles as well as Online Facebook and Zoom Circles. 

Mary Jane can be reached through her website: www.MaryJaneBrigger.Com

Mary Jane also  extends an invitation to join her Private Facebook Community Page at: 

Facebook/Mary Jane Brigger Celtic Wise Woman Spirituality