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Weekly Wandering is reflecting on women who have stories of love lost, found, given, or rejected. Our hearts have rejoiced with love found and received, and with hearts which have been broken by love. Betrayal and/or rejection can cause a broken heart. A broken heart disconnects from a woman’s True Essence and Spirit. A broken heart builds fortresses around the heart to hide her True Self Identity and   suppress the True Expression of Her Voice.

Mind and Wound Bleeding

A heart’s disconnect from her True Spirit allows a “bleeding” into the mind from the deep wound a woman has suffered. This “wound bleeding” from a broken heart flows into the mind with its painful memories. As the mind processes a constant flow of replayed painful memories it becomes a “mind bleeding” which then becomes a toxic overspill into our bodies.

Toxic Overspill

This toxic overspill invades our bodies even down into the cellular level. Research is now showing that extreme emotional stress can actually alter the shape of our cells and cause illness and disease. The mind becomes very powerful against the body when disconnected from one’s Spirit.

The Spirit Disconnect

When a woman’s Spirit becomes disconnected from herself, the broken heart builds barriers around it called Fear. The Fear Barrier prevents the healing of a broken heart as it imprisons her True Self Identity, bars entry of her of the Spirit of her Soul, and suppresses the True Expression of her Voice.

The Fear Barrier

The Fear Barrier only allows the “wound bleeding” to the mind to distort one’s thoughts so that it becomes the toxic “mind bleeding” becomes the overspill into the body. Over time the mind and body become stuck in the high stress mode of “fright and flight”. This is when the mind and body begin to weaken and break down.

A Woman’s Body Story

The constant flow of wound and mind bleeding are actually the story of your life, your body story. Happy memories and thoughts also flow through the body, but can be offset if the dominant thoughts are painful replays of a wounded life.

Healing is a Choice

A woman’s body story can be rewritten to reflect a new body story of forgiveness, hope, life and love. And that begins with making decision. Emotional pain is life’s way of telling you to make a decision regarding how you are living it. Constant pain reminds you of the disconnection from you’re Your True Self, Voice and most important of all your Spirit. The decision is stay with the pain or to begin the steps of the journey of faith and inner healing.

Three Choices to Heal or Not To Heal

There are three choices that either lead or prevent you from healing from your body stories.

They are:

  1. The Victim which prevents healing from occurring due to the constant negative replay of wound and mind bleeding which strengthens the Fear Barrier.
  2. The Survivor which leads to the steps of healing but slows it down due to the constant replay of how one survived their ordeal.
  3. The Thriver is where healing has taken place and continues to flow through one’s mind, body and spirit despite any obstacles that may come one’s way.

The Thriver

A Thriver is the one who has fully reconnected with their True Spirit to break down the Fear Barrier of the heart. As the Fear Barrier breaks down, a woman’s True Self Identity breaks through as her True Voice sends healing messages to her mind and body of love and forgiveness.

A Thriver flourishes with a healthy life full of love as her Spirit can now walk freely with the healing soul, filling it with healing grace.

Healing is a Process

Healing comes in many ways as does pain, illness and disease and is a process. Since childhood I have lived with one illness, disease or another. I am no stranger to emotional or physical pain, and healing sometimes is not about the physical illness, but the emotional pain that comes from a broken heart that needs to heal first, often once step, or miracle at a time.

What’s Your Choice?

We can have physical broken bodies but a healthy flourishing mind and Spirit.

We can have healthy flourishing mind, bodies and Spirit.

Or we can have broken hearts full of grief and anger that prevents a healthy flourishing mind, body and Spirit.

It’s a choice that begins with us.

Hearken; Your True Self, Voice and Spirit are waiting to create a new body story of your life!

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