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Walt Whitman once wrote:

There was a child went forth every day,
And the first object he look’d upon, that object he became.
And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day,
Or for the many years of stretching cycle of years.

This poem weaves itself into the fabric of what we have been discussing this week regarding people we dislike with ways to meditate on how they affect our lives. We become what we focus on.

For this discussion, the focus is on someone we dislike and the negative they represent to you. That focus of negativity then becomes you as you allow the angry energy to fill your entire being. As the poem says, it can be for a day or follow us for years, literally eating at the fabric of our souls.

Friday’s Follow Up will take what we have discussed this week and reflect on their meanings regarding a difficult person or situation in the workplace.

Making a choice to change ourselves is difficult when we have held such strong emotions against someone for so long. It seems unfair that WE have to change not THEM, they are the ones making you so mad and miserable!

Earlier this week we discussed the Law of Chaos. In a Course in Miracles, the Law of Chaos is described as anyone who does not believe or hold the same values as you do are your enemy. And because they are your enemy, they must be punished.

This is what happens when working with someone you find difficult or irritating. Because this person or situation does not agree with how you do things or believe in, you pour your energy into your intense dislike and vengeful thoughts. In many ways, in your own mind, this person or situation is actually a mirror or reflection of a deep wound or emotion within you trying to surface.

This is called a “trigger point”, because there is something about this person that triggers these emotions. But as these emotions surface, instead of seeing the emotion for what it really is, we pull the trigger and “shoot” the messenger. Yes I said the messenger. Because this person is bringing forth emotions and feelings that your soul is saying is time to deal with and let go. This is where personal, professional and spiritual growth can occur when you accept that thought.

This week’s discussions are close to my heart because they happened to me. And I will be honest with you; I am still struggling with certain wounds from my dental past. Every day I take a tiny step to let go of that past as well as the wounded emotions that came with it.

Not there yet, but getting close.

Whether old or new hurts, personal growth begins when we learn to live OUR lives, and not project it on someone else’s. That is hard if you must be with this person every day. But once you find your path to letting go and moving forward in life, you find that each day and person you meet becomes more meaningful.

Life is a journey and it is what we make of it. I have chosen a journey of faith and healing which has and still does take me down joyful or dark paths. But I always emerge from these paths with greater clarity and self awareness with a life lesson revealed and learned.

Join me on my journey as each week I will reveal what path has brought healing into my life. My hope is that as you walk with me on my journey of faith and healing, you will begin your own. Have a great weekend!

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