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God, Please Help Me

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness that can occur within physical and emotional trauma that includes disease, chronic pain, injuries, and the high anxiety of emotional stress and distress. It’s a frustrating journey of hit or miss medical treatments that wear a soul down with the loss of personal power, hope, and self identity. It wasn’t until I fully surrendered from anger and frustration to shout out “ God, Please Help Me” that Spirit entered my life as the awakening guidance of  BEcoming the spiritual healing I prayed for.

Awakening To the Mind/Body Association To Chronic Illness

Anger, frustration, and grief are just some of the emotions one experiences when first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or any of the “mystery” chronic illnesses that cannot be explained by traditional medicine. It wasn’t until I was drawn to a book called  Entering the Castle” by Carolyn Myss *   that I began to “wake up” to the now proven mind/ body association with chronic illness and disease that Ms. Myss addresses in her book. 

Entering the Castle Rooms of My Soul

Initially, when  I first read the book I couldn’t relate to it. However, as I was struggling through the grief of losing my career and life to Fibromyalgia, I finally allowed Entering the Castle to reach deep within the many hidden rooms of my soul.  

 Hidden  Soul Rooms of Unresolved Emotional Trauma

The castle represents the comprised soul of  “rooms” with emotionally unresolved wounded memories locked behind closed doors. Carolyn Myss gently leads you down the castle hallways of undiscovered “rooms” to open and enter. Within each room, one meets and releases the many traumas and crises one encounters in life. 

Discovering Where My Self Identity and Confidence Had Gone

As I entered each room of my soul, I began to see where the stress upon my body of buried life crises included chronic childhood illness, divorce, becoming a single mom, and a stressful career with two job losses. Within each castle room, I encountered a life crisis that revealed so much of where my lost self identity and confidence had gone. 

Planting the Seeds of Fibromyalgia

I was able to clearly see where all my power had gone, often giving it away without knowing it. It was in each of these castle soul rooms that I saw the planted seeds of my Fibromyalgia sown and fertilized by unhealed tragic memories and wounded emotions. 

Blooming Rose Petals Amongst the Weeds

I realized no amount of prescribed medications would release me from these planted seeds of chronic illness and pain that continued to grow like weeds within me. Yet within those weeds were also the flowering Rose Seeds of Divine Love slowly revealing with each blooming rose petal, the answered call of  God Please Help Me.  And with each blooming rose petal, I found my authentic self, the power of my Inner Wise Woman, my healing Spirit of Wholeness. 

Answered Healing Prayer

BEcoming the Woman I Was Born To BE

As my Divine Rose bloomed, it revealed the beauty of my sacred feminine power which held the essence of Who I Am, my Inner Wise Woman, the Wise Woman of Ageless Wisdom, the Woman I Was Born To BE. Fibromyalgia may have ended a life I once knew but was also the catalyst to a New Life in Spirit, the answered healing prayer to God Please Help Me. 

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