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Many of you are reading this between work assignments, taking care of children, rushing to the next appointment, or living in a moment of intense physical and emotional pain. This is when we need to briefly stop and practice mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It is being present in the Now, this very moment of your existence. Our days are 24/7 of re-living in the past or living in the future. The present is often moments of overwhelming emotion of the re-living the past as we use the present to make checklists for the future. The Art of Living is learning to appreciate the Moment of Now, the precious ticking of seconds that are pearls of wisdom and connection to Spirit.

Breath of Life

So how do we practice mindfulness? How do we open our minds, body and spirit in busy demanding lives? Simple, we breathe in, we breathe out. Breath is our life giving source of energy that feeds us physically and connects us spiritually. Unconsciously we take it for granted which keeps us from being aware of the wisdom of each inhale and exhale.

Awakening to the wisdom of mindfulness and breath is a learned task that takes practice. Meditation teaches us how to use the breath to calm the mind, relax the body which then connects us to our Spirit. But I can hear all the chatter and thoughts of,” I don’t have time for meditation or this mindful breath thing!”  I know, I’ve been there and still get caught up in the past, the busyness and the future. Its how we’ve been conditioned throughout our lives to react to the outside of ourselves and to others expectations.

So to learn how to still yourself for a moment, to quiet the mind, body and soul, you must first take small steps. As you take one step of practicing mindfulness, eventually you will notice leaps of greater awareness that awakens and connects you to your Soul and Spirit.

Seconds Exercise in Mindfulness and Breath

Below is a short practice of mindfulness and breathing that can be done anywhere, anytime without anyone but you knowing it. This short meditation exercise comes from the book, “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hahn. It can be done while in your car, with screaming kids or bosses, or with the screaming pain of body and soul. All you need to do is consciously breathe in one breath, then exhale one breath. The breath does not need to be a huge cleansing breath which is good for you, but can be difficult and misunderstood in public. This exercise is for daily living, the normal intake and outtake of life giving breathing.

Quietly focus on taking one breath in, one breath out. Do this about three times to center yourself. Then mentally say the following the mantra:

 (Slowly inhale, and quietly say)

Breathing in I calm my body

 (Slowly exhale, and quietly say)

Breathing out I smile.

 (Slowly inhale, and quietly say)

Dwelling in the present moment

 (Slowly exhale, and quietly say)

I know this is a wonderful moment

 This moment, this second in time you have set in motion within your body a sense of peace and love which at that second, is connecting you intimately with God or Spirit. For in that second, in each inhale and exhale of breath, your mind was temporarily suspended from this life and connected to True Life. Check in with your body, how does it feel? Check in with your mind, what are thinking of? Check in with your soul, what is it telling you?

 As you practice this simple seconds only meditation with breath you will begin to notice an awakening within your soul. This awakening brings a peacefulness to your soul and spirit that spreads within you and out into the world. The Power of the Moment which is mindfulness is the key to inner peace, healing, and abundance with love and joy.

As you practice this simple meditation of mindfulness, your soul will guide you to other simple methods of mindfulness and breath. Just stay open to it. Eventually you will notice it becomes the core of your essence which brings the sweet fragrance of peace, love, joy and healing within you. Mmm, breathe in that sweet fragrance of peace, love, joy, and healing then breathe out to spread that divine blessing to the world. And to think it only took a second to do.

 Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is a Reiki Master/Teacher who brings compassionate Reiki healing energy to people whose lives are frozen in grief from transitions brought on by life crisis, illness, or death.  Mary Jane’s clients describe her channeled healing energy as “peaceful” as they re-awaken to their True Self and connect back to their bodies in balance and harmony.

Mary Jane is founder and owner of Soul Care Experience which provides healing services for people and their pets with Reiki and The Body Story ™ Experience. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Body Story™ Expert on the faculty of The Missing Thread Mystery School in San Francisco, CA. Mary Jane is a Midwife to the Dying for both people and animals and volunteers locally providing Reiki to hospice patients and their families.

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