Monday Moaning or Manifesting?

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Welcome to Manifesting Monday!! Yes Manifesting instead of Moaning! Monday Moaning of a new work week or whatever is happening for you is not appreciating the opportunities or moments of peace, joy and happiness that await you. We tend to create the “moments of moaning” instead of “manifesting moments of joy” because that is what we are accustomed to doing. I myself stand accused many times of many “Moaning Mondays” which often became a “Whining Week.”

So how do we turn this Monday into Manifesting instead of Moaning? By being grateful for a new day to start over again if yesterday wasn’t so good. Take one minute out of today to just look around wherever you are and find something good about it and then express gratitude for it. It doesn’t have to be big. Something as simple as admiring a color, feeling the wind on your face, a smile, a laugh, a wagging tail, your shoes don’t hurt, your underwear isn’t riding up every time you stand up. It can be ANYTHNG!

Then after you do this, notice how you feel and where in your body you are feeling it. Is it in your heart? Maybe it’s an overall feeling of just for this moment you are feeling the true meaning of “All is Well” in your life, just one magical moment.

Manifestation is creating what you are truly seeking in life. Create a positive attitude with gratitude about this day regardless of the challenges it may bring. For one challenge you encounter today, find one aspect of it to be grateful for. True manifestations of abundance in all aspects of our lives begin when we learn to appreciate that the smallest things in life are actually beginning manifestations of bigger blessings coming your way.

Make this Monday a day of Manifestation of seeing the beauty and feeling the joy of one small little thing. Hold on to that feeling and allow it to expand through your body and senses like a bright white light. Then maybe later today or tomorrow try again and see how it feels. By doing this you are planting the seeds for a deeper meaning in your life, a reconnection to your Spirit, the manifestations of bringing the good into your life that once planted just bloom and grow!

 Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is founder of the Soul Care Experience which provides programs and services of spiritual teaching and holistic healing. She is a Certified Body ™ Expert and Reiki Master and resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Mary Jane serves on the Faculty of the Missing Thread to Abundance Mystery School and volunteers bringing Reiki to hospice patients and their families within the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

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