Part Two -A League of Extraordinary and Powerful Women

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In part one of this series, we were discussing how to recognize and become aware of the extraordinary and powerful woman you truly are. In part two of this series we discuss how our True Personal Power and Identity became hidden within us.

Now, let’s read and think like an Extraordinary and Powerful Woman!

We are born knowing WHO We Truly Are. The process of life has not influenced, conditioned, or forced us to be anything different from our newly born True Selves, the real WHO I AM, Your True Self Identity.As we are nurtured and raised by our families, that True Self slowly loses it essence, its power as other people and life experiences begin to influence and condition us away from being the True WHO I AM to the false being of WHAT I AM. The false being of What I Am is when you are recognized more for what you do, or who you are to somebody.

Products of Our Environments

This means that as we lost our True Identity over the years we walked our life path. We began unconsciously becoming the product of our environment or agenda of others. This is not a criticism but a fact of life.

We are products of our environments which affect how we think, act and feel. However, very often what our mind thinks does not always agree with how our soul feels.

Stay with me now, remember you are an extraordinary and powerful woman, and so keep thinking extraordinary and powerfully!

Our souls have levels that we are not consciously aware of. There is the outward soul that follows the pre-conditioning of the mind from our life.

This is a soul that holds you accountable for your life, such as right and wrong, holds compassion for others, accepts spirituality in whatever form or religion you grow up or may choose later.

Emergence of Your True Self and Identity

This outward soul over time begins its natural process of reminding you that your True Self and Identity is still within you and needs to express itself. Your True Self slowly resurrects when you begin feeling restless inside as if something is missing in your life. It is not unusual to become physically and/or emotionally ill when this restlessness and lack of meaning in life is not addressed. As you begin searching for more meaning and direction in your life, your current beliefs in life and yourself no longer are the foundation they once were.

The hold of living off the power of others and their beliefs begins to lessen when they no longer reflect the True Person and Soul you are becoming. The Extraordinary Woman You Are Meant to Be.

Now Begin to Feel the Emergence of Power of Being an Extraordinary Woman and Powerful Women!!

The last part of series will discuss how to use your Personal Power in everyday life and how to avoid giving it away.

Until then, take one belief you have always held about women and yourself. Truly reflect on that belief and ask yourself,” Did I come to this belief due how I was raised or others think, or is it a true belief I hold about women?”

Whether a good thought or bad one, dig deep within your soul to see if what you really believe is your thoughts or the influence of others?

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a Spiritual Healing Guide for Women with Women’s Soul Care and a Life Coach for Women in Dentistry with Dental Soul Care under MaryJaneBrigger.Com.

As a Spiritual Healing Guide and Life Coach, Mary Jane blends current world events and culture with the teachings from Ancient Mystics and Mary Jane’s own personal Soul and Spiritual Journeys.

Mary Jane writes a spiritual blog at www.MaryJaneBrigger.Com and will be introducing a new website soon for Dental Soul Care and Women’s Soul Care.

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