Reclaiming The Mystic Woman™and Awakening To Your Divine Life Purpose

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The Mystic Woman™ knows that within her, beats the Sacred Wisdom and energy of another world,  another time, another Being.

The Mystic Woman™  soul hears the ancient call back to Wholeness, to embrace the Woman She Is Meant to Be NOW in this age day,  and time.

The Mystic Woman™ is Awakening to the Powerful  Gifts of her Sacred Feminine Energy.

The Mystic Woman™  is moving into a State of BEing that is taking her beyond Soul Sseeking into a deeper, more profound Spiritual Connection.

The Mystic Woman™ is  ready to step  into her True Authentic Self and the Life Purpose she came here to fulfill.


In this interactive Day Retreat You Will: 

  • Reclaim The Mystic Woman™ You Are Through Reflection and Meditation

  • Understand Your Soul Contract and the Archetypes That Relate To You

  • Reveal the Spiritual Energy You Carry In This Lifetime Such as an Angel, Elemental, StarPerson,etc

  • Come Away With a Renewed Sense of Your True Authentic Self

  • Discover a Clear Understanding of Your Divine Life Purpose and Where It Is Leading You




When:   Saturday, April 16, 2016

Time: 11:00 am -4:30 pmWoman in Joy


Northpoint Plaza

Suite 333

6505 RocksideRd

Independence, Ohio 44131


To Register, Click  Here:  The Mystic Woman Retreats 

For More Information, Contact:

Mary Jane Brigger



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