The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part I

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A Haunted Soul

This past spring I arrived at a crossroads with a chronic illness that has plagued me for years. My winter was spent curled up in a green recliner in my living room. I was mentally and physically growing weaker as my vital life energy diminished more each day. New symptoms emerged to make the pain and weakness worse. Intense headaches and the inability to concentrate brought my passion for reading and writing to a standstill. I no longer wrote in my blog and I began a descent into the dark shadows of my soul and pain. My soul grew haunted with grief, anger and loss.

A Ghost of Myself

The thievery of my new symptoms caused my voice to grow weaker. I began walking with a cane due to weakness in my legs and vertigo. Any sound became weapons of agony to my ears.  My compassionate physician was frustrated in his attempts to alleviate my suffering. Multiple Sclerosis became the buzzword for what was happening to me. Each morning I awoke to another day of faceless reality, along with the continued shedding of my self-identity and willingness to live in this life.

Follow Me

I will be sharing with you on my blog the road I chose to travel. The blogs will be spread out throughout the coming weeks, as the road I chose to travel is a journey of inner healing.

Inner healing is a process that takes time and support. I choose you, my beloved readers, to be my support. Please take my hand and follow me as I share with you my own personal journey of inner healing.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a practicing spiritual healer and life coach in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.

Mary Jane’s past life experience includes over 25 years in dentistry, which was an amazing journey of clinical work, community outreach, and business management. Her life journey has taken other paths of education, community outreach and career coaching.

Mary Jane is blessed with her husband Jack, the love of her life.

Mary Jane shares her life, business and spiritual experiences on her blog and on her website at:

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