The Dark Shadows of Self and Soul Part III

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The Awakening

Surrendering my body and spirit to God was a choice of giving up. However this act of surrender or giving up to God can also be an awakening process. Winter began its thaw and daylight began peeking out through the clouds of grey. Each day I felt drawn to a spiritual journey where I sensed a heavenly hand reaching out to me. If I chose to take to grasp this heavenly hand, I would be led from my mind to my true soul. My soul within my soul, where the hidden core of who I really was lay hidden. This choice could bring dramatic change to my life. Did I have the courage to face and live a changed life?

Soulless or Soulful?

I realized that if I traveled this journey I would encounter many challenges and pain. I would have to face the many people and events that severely wounded me and left me with a broken bleeding heart. Did I have the courage and energy to make such a journey? Could I survive facing my own sins and the sins of others against me? Could this journey into the deepest part of my being leave me a soulless victim of anger and blame?Or would I emerge a resurrected healed woman who discovered her True Self and Soul? If so, it would be a journey of true inner healing that would change my life forever.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane  Brigger provides guidance  in holistic spiritual healing and lives in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.

Mary Jane’s life experience includes over 25 years in dentistry, which was an amazing journey of clinical work, community outreach, and business management. Her life journey has taken other paths of education, community outreach and career coaching.

Mary Jane’s career has gifted her with the meeting and presence of wonderful, courageous and inspirational people in her life. Thank you beloved friends and family!

Mary Jane is blessed with her husband Jack, the love of her life.

Mary Jane shares her life, business and spiritual experiences on her blog and on her website at:

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