The Healing Energy of Grief

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 As a former career coach I would become frustrated with the lack of progress many people were making in their job search. I decided to become an observer of the people who attended my job search workshops to find out why. I sensed a strong suppressed energy amongst the highly charged emotional energies of anger and fear surrounding these jobseekers. My awareness of this suppressed energy led to deep listening to what these jobseekers were truly saying. I soon realized there was more then fear and outrage sabotaging their job search, it was the energy of deep intense grief.

Non Physical Death

Death need not be physical to feel intense grief. When suddenly a major part of your life is gone (a death) a life crisis replaces it. Whether one liked their job or not, is was an integral part of their lives that brought safety, shelter, socialization, security and often fulfillment. The job seekers were unaware that grief was holding them back from a successful job search or even starting one.

Spiritual Connection or Disconnection

Grief from job loss, divorce, and illness are some of the examples of loss or “death” that is non physical. Grief can bring a spiritual disconnection as the anger and trauma of loss is experienced. It can become embedded within our bodies causing depression and illness. Yet grief can be a gift of New Life and a deeper re-connection with Spirit. Its energy can be directed to rebuilding and renewing one’s life emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Body Stories

Recently I experienced back to back life crisis that left me in overwhelming grief. The stresses weakened my body through aggravating my Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. My grief was threatening my current business and the start up of a second for there were days I could not work.

I slowly recognized within myself the strong energy source of grief that I had observed in the jobseekers. As a Body Story ™ Expert, I knew I needed to go within and work with my body to find the source of this grief energy. By using the tools I was trained in to help others with grief and transition in their own lives, I found the source of my own grief energy. And guess what?  It was from a job loss that happened ten years ago that left me with unresolved grief just like the jobseekers in my workshops.

Without effectively dealing with the intense grief and loss that particular job loss brought into my life, it became embedded within my body as a “body story’ stuck on replay. Over the years other emotional wounds and body stories built upon the core of this unresolved grief burying it deeper within my body. It was keeping me in the “fright and flight “stress mode which is one of the many causes of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Grief Becomes a Healing Journey

So how did I begin to release the core of this grief energy and its layers of pain? First I had to surrender myself to Spirit. Then together with Spirit, hand in hand, we began the first steps of our journey through the layers of my unresolved grief. I am still on that journey for releasing these body stories are a process, but each day brings new victories.

My healing journey has revealed to me that my chronic illness and past job loss actually became gifts over time. For out of ashes I was led to my Life in the Spirit and the Path to my Life Purpose. With each step on this journey I am renewed in body, mind and spirit.

The Healing Journey of Grief is not an easy choice to make. We can choose to refuse and acknowledge grief in our lives or embrace it as the positive life force energy it can be. One choice gives Life the other Death. I choose Life and embrace Grief as the True Spiritual Energy it is.


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Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is a Reiki Master/Teacher who brings compassionate Reiki healing energy to people whose lives are frozen in grief from transitions brought on by life crisis, illness, or death.  Mary Jane’s clients describe her channeled healing energy as “peaceful” as they re-awaken to their True Self and connect back to their bodies in balance and harmony.

Mary Jane is founder and owner of Soul Care Experience which provides healing services for people and their pets with Reiki and The Body Story ™ Experience. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Body Story™ Expert on the faculty of The Missing Thread Mystery School in San Francisco, CA. Mary Jane is a Midwife to the Dying for both people and animals and volunteers locally providing Reiki to hospice patients and their families.

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