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Tuesday Tune In is when soulfully we look within ourselves to touch base with the root cause of a problem. Monday’s Miracle was to ask yourself honestly why you do not like someone you work with. Being honest with yourself is a truthful asking of why you dislike this person.

A Course in Miracles states that we live by a Law of Chaos. Briefly, the Law of Chaos states that we are all different. And because we are different, as a people, we enforce our own beliefs and values on others.

If someone does not believe or value what you do, The Law of Chaos states that person is an enemy for not seeing things your way and should be punished. In other words, we judge others for not thinking like or being like us, or having something you want.

In the case we are presenting, The Law of Chaos is being used for not fitting into your values or belief in a situation. Maybe they feel like an intruder in your life. Regardless of reason, the anger and frustration that continues to irritate you is a way of punishing this person in your own mind.

Now let’s reflect soulfully and honestly on the following questions and statements.

Please keep in mind we are honestly reflecting on the root cause that triggers these emotions within you regarding this person or situation.

Statements of Reflection

  • You are not wrong to feel these hurtful emotions. They are real, they hurt, they drain your energy and you need to confront them and speak to these emotions, which are actually, wounded emotions.
  • It is not easy to be honest with our emotions, we are told not to feel them, get over it. Not true, when wounded emotions are brought forth on a soul level, Spirit reveals them for what they truly are. Fear.
  • Fear is the wall that surrounds the Truth in your soul. As time goes on and this Fear intensifies, it must find a release that often results in anger, frustration, grief and often, physical illness.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When I see or work with this person, where do I feel in my body the intensity of this emotion? ( There is a reason we will discuss later this week)
  • Is it the person who angers me, or is it a personality trait that triggers bad memories or feelings from the past?
  • Is what angers me actually a reflection of something I do not like in myself?
  • Why do I actually allow this person to bother me? Focus on the word allow, for you give yourself permission to let this person bother you.
  • Is it really worth it to let this person bother me? Is this person worth the energy I put into being angry or irritated with?
  • What if you knew someone started talking trash about you? My guess it is because anger and hurt spread like cancer.
  • If this is a routine problem, and you cannot deal with it, is it time to move on?

Finally, in these situations it is not the other person who has to change, but you who have to change. And that is actually a gift, for it is an opportunity for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Tomorrow on Wednesday Awakenings, I will discuss the Gift that these situations can be for us.

Please contact me if you have any questions at mj@dentalsoulcare.com. Or feel free to post comments on Dental Soul Care’s Facebook page.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger founded Dental Soul Care based on her 25 years in dentistry. Mary Jane believes in approaching life, human relations, spirituality and health from a holistic viewpoint.

You can also find Mary Jane Women’s Soul Care where she guides women in finding their Voice and True Self Identity at www.womenssoulcare.com

Mary Jane writes a personal blog called Journeys of Spiritual Healing at www.maryjanebrigger.com

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