Give a Woman Faith in Her Own Voice

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This week’s weekly wandering is reflecting on a statement I heard on “The Voice” on TV recently. The statement was this particular contestant needed to put more faith in his voice. It made me wonder how often as women we put faith in our own voices.

Let’s ask ourselves if we put faith in our voices.

Do you feel you have faith in your voice when:
•    You feel you are not heard when expressing yourself to your bosses, co-workers, spouses, significant others or kids?
•    You wanted to speak up about an injustice or belief in a group of people but didn’t because you were afraid of what they may think of you?
•    Fear has frozen your ability to express yourself fully due verbal or physical abuse?

How Do We as Women Put Faith In Our Voices?
•    Putting faith in your voice is to believe with conviction in yourself and what you have to say.
•    Putting faith in your voice is to freely express yourself and not caring if people agree with you or not.
•    Putting faith in your voice is to stand up to those who abuse you and say, “No More!”

I will be honest it is all easier said than done. I have spoke with little faith in my voice and it has been from fear.  And I have spoke with faith in my voice that was full of conviction and confidence. Then I would go home and punish myself for either believing I hurt someone or I made a fool of myself. No battles won there.

Our True Essence
Louise Nevelson said, “I have made my world and it is a much better world then I ever saw outside.” After a weary life journey of living up to others expectations and standards, I realized that I was not what people expected me to be.

Instead, I went within to meet the Spirit of My Soul, the True Essence of Who I Am. And as Louise Nevelson says, it’s much better than the outside.

We all have that True Essence of Who I Am. For many it is hard to access due to life conditioning and harsh experiences. Women store these experiences, their life story within their bodies which then becomes toxic over time. To express these “body stories” is hard, scary and takes a great deal of courage.

Give a Woman Faith in Her Own Voice
That is why I am here, to help you tell your story to free yourself of emotional pain and wounds. I do not work alone, for Spirit is with me and you at all times.
Together, we will grow and learn together as we Give Faith to Our Own Voices!!

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