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Women’s Soul Care Weekly Wandering is all we hear about “personal power” and empowerment as if this is a new phenomenon. The truth of the matter is we are all born with personal power and the ability to stay empowered. As we travel our life paths this ability for self empowerment becomes buried in the deepest recesses of our soul.

Self Empowerment – A Sacred Gift
We are raised with certain values and beliefs from our family, religion, and society that squelch the beautiful gifts our Sacred Source gave us when we came into this world. It is time to reclaim this beautiful gift from God and use it towards good as it was originally intended.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving Until We Give It Away
The Gift of Personal Power is just one of the many gifts we are born with. Spirit blesses us at birth with many gifts that are meant to work interdependently with each other to form the ultimate gift of Love and Light from God to give to others.

On a daily basis and often without realizing it, we give this blessed gift of our personal power away. Not in generous, selfless ways, but in intentional harmful ways that hurt ourselves and others. Sadly we often give the gift of personal power away in order to justify our actions, punish those who do not believe as we do, low self esteem  or out of pure fear.

Fueling Loss of Personal Power
Living in the past keeps us from releasing the bonds of emotional wounds and depleting our personal power. But before we can reclaim the Gift of Personal Power, we need to understand the root cause of how we lost it in the first place. Loss of personal power fuels the buried hurts that are causing the emotional wounds that are kept alive by the activity of the mind, body and soul.

Five Reflections on Depletion of Personal Power
Below are five reflections on how ways we are anchored to emotional wounds that depletes personal power:

  1. We become victims to whatever has hurt us in the past. Unresolved deep wounds and grievances only give power to weakness. Anger is a weakness, even though its fury may seem strong, it is energy depleting as you give your power away through anger and revenge..
  2. The past has happened and cannot be reversed. Reliving a wounded past keeps one rooted in the past making it your present.
  3. Keeping your past in your present prevents your future from happening.
  4. Life is meant to keep moving forward. Time does not go backward, time does not stay still, and time flows with the rhythm of life which is forward.
  5. We affect the positive outcome of the future by hanging onto the past and ignoring the present. The Present is one of the Gifts given to us from the Spirit.

These words may seem harsh; they may seem not to understand the depth of human suffering with its deep wounded emotions. But they come from a woman who fights daily to keep her own past from overtaking her life once again. A lifetime of sorrow, grief and hurt brought me to a crossroads where I was presented with a choice. Either relive the sorrows again and again, or walk the paths of faith and healing to reclaim the Gifts of the Spirit and New Life. I chose the tough path, the one of faith and healing. For here I was lead back to my Gifts from the Spirit where I received them from the Hand of Love.


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