Messages From the Angels # 2

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Messages from the Angels

Today’s Angel Message


Joy is the highest energy of all. Oprah Winfrey often uses the phrase “Joy Rising” which she attributes to Maya Angelou in celebrating the Gift of Joy. Joy helps you to appreciate the beauty of the moment and strengthens your body and spirit.

Joy and laughter release negative thoughts which can lead to depression and illness. Joy’s strong feeling and emotion can allow your soul to awaken to achieving what you desire most in life.

This week, find joy in the smallest details of your life.


Here’s a challenge for you this week. Look for joy in unpleasant situations and people. Ask your angels for help in seeing the joy in tough situations. These are the times the greatest healings begin within us.

Joy Rising! Let your Light Shine! Messages from the Angles are a weekly feature of Soul Care Experience and can be found on its website:




Messages from the Angels are from a variety of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Cards.

Messages from the Angels are meant for your own personal interpretation of the message only.



January 11, 2012       Soul Care Experience            Mary Jane Brigger

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