When You Know Better, You Do Better

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In my previous blog, God, Please Help Me, I shared the story of my spiritual awakening as a surrender to something greater than my programmed mindset of external medical and pharmaceutical treatments as the only choice to personal wellness. This Something Greater was found within the void of my personal surrender as an internal power of ME, igniting my Inner Wise Woman, lovingly attuned to the center, the heart of my Spirit, the Great I AM. 

Ancient Wisdom, Ageless Truths

As I attuned to the power of ME, my Inner Wise Woman, ancient intuitive wisdom began to rise within me, ageless wisdom revealing it is not outside of you that will heal you, but what is inside. As this ageless wisdom revealed its mysteries, I began intuitively to “remember” with clarity the ancient truths that if we separate from our Spirit, the Great I Am of Who I Am, a void is created that allows the low energy of fear, emotional distress, chronic illness, and pain to occupy what was once life giving space. 

What Is Troubling Your Spirit? 

It is said that in times past, whenever someone became ill or suffered a chronic ailment, they were sent to the healers of their clan or tribe who were often called the wise woman, the medicine man, or the shaman. After listing their physical ailments and pain, these healers were known to ask only one question” What is troubling your Spirit?

 These ancient healers knew that no matter what they provided to those who sought their help for disease and pain relief, healing would not fully occur until they knew what was troubling the Spirit and displacement of the Life Force Energy of their tribe of clansmen.  

When You Know Better, You Do Better

Recently, I had a severe Fibro flare due to stress from a distressing situation that I allowed to go on for too long. My emotions became tangled up in anger and resentment which inflamed the Fibro with stomach and muscle pain that was further complicated by an injury to my foot. Though I provide these wisdom teachings, I too can become disempowered from my Spirit. However, the difference is, now I know better when these situations arise. To quote Maya Angelou:

 “When you know better, you do better.”

 I live by these words for no matter what happens to separate me from my Spirit, I now hold the ageless wisdom that if I hold onto the emotions of anger and resentment, I become the low energy of that fear-based emotion. That what I focus on I become, and I was becoming a bitter woman with a Fibo flare from hell. 

Once I allowed myself to know better, I surrendered to forgiveness of the situation which allowed me to focus on re- attuning and aligning my energy back to Spirit. This spiritual reconnection and clearing were confirmed when I recently provided a client with a channeled reading from Mother Mary that resulted in me unexpectedly experiencing relief from the Fibro flare with full healing of my foot within hours after the reading.

Focus More  On What’s Right In Your Life

 Although we can become separated from our Spirit, we can also quickly reunite with it. How? When we begin to defocus our attention from the wounded emotions and pain which decreases the energetic charge it has over us. Meaning you’re no longer stuck in the story of whatever pain or sadness happened to you, but instead focusing on all that is going right in your life no matter how small you may think it is. 

And, most important, envisioning and believing your life is constantly BEcoming healthier and happier.  
When you know better, you do better

What Is Your  Choice, Your Focus?

We always have a choice, to see life as bitter or to see life as better. One choice heals, one destroys. One rises above the pain, one is buried by the pain. One choice empowers Love, one disempowers self hate. Only you, and not your circumstances have the power to decide your choice, and your response to your own personal situation. Whatever your choice, know that it will either empower your Spirit or disempower you from your Spirit. 

Just One Day At a Time

It takes time to work through and surrender to whatever anger, resentment, shame, or guilt one is processing. It took time for us to succumb to Fibromyalgia and will take time to rise above it.

 Just take one step, one moment, one day, one healthy focused intention at a time to attune back to the wisdom of your Inner Wise Woman,  the authentic essence of your Spirit, the Great I AM, the great remembering of:

BEcoming the Woman the Sacred Woman You ARE Born To BE

Mini Meditation and Affirmation

Attuning To the Power of Your Inner Wise Woman/Spirit

The words “ I AM” have the same vibrations and tones of the power of God, the Divine, the Creator Source. As you repeat “ I AM” you are attuning to the Powerful Love and Energy of God. 

Repeat three times several times a day. 

I AM the Healing, Loving Power of God. 

All Is Well Within Me and Around Me. 

So BE It!!! 

Mary Jane is Trance Channeler Who Provides Channeled Messages From Spirit.

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