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As a spirit channeler, I have experienced downloads of ageless wisdom teachings with nudges to fully embrace my Sacred Feminine Energy, specifically my higher intuitive gifts of psychic mediumship and channeling. My Reiki Master Teachers encouraged me to Come Out of My Spiritual Closet during my extensive training with them many years ago in San Francisco. Their wisdom teachings instilled within me to feel “safe” expressing my Sacred Feminine Gifts and Voice as a Healer, Oracle, and Seer. 

Feeling Unsafe To Voice My Sacred Feminine Energy

Although I did embrace my Sacred Feminine Gifts personally and within my circle of friends and clients, I  still felt “ unsafe” to voice publicly my Authentic Self, the Voice of my  Inner Wise Woman as an Oracle, Seer, and Healer. 

For me personally, traumatic accusations of heresy and torture imprinted deep within my psyche from past lives, influenced my fear of coming out of my spiritual closet in this life. Yet as each of my lives progressed to modern times and thought, my spirit channeled messages became more a conversation of: 

Why Are You Still Feeling Unsafe About  BEing Who You Are?”

Fear of Emotional Persecution and Shunning

As my Spirit Guides gently and patiently worked with me, they revealed that through my past lives, feeling unsafe to express my True Self evolved from fear of physical persecution to emotional persecution and shunning. That fear of feeling “unsafe’ was coming more from the deep rooted programming of shame, fear, and guilt ingrained within the passed down limited beliefs of religion, society, and the culture of my birth.

My spirit guides went on to say that I was no longer afraid of what religion could do to me physically, but more of how religion influenced their followers to emotionally shame, ridicule, and shun anyone outside of their traditional religious belief systems.

Triggered by events in this life that mirrored past life persecutions, this centuries-old, outdated fear system was ingrained deep within my subconscious while also creating a“ victim consciousness” to fearfully prevent me from fully expressing my work and who I was. 

We Have Only Fear Itself To Fear

My evolving awareness of emotional persecution within my psyche and body truly brought to mind the quote regarding fear from  Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s that said The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” 

 I had disempowered myself through this “fear” by allowing my voice to be silenced and my spirit numbed by limiting belief systems that no longer served me, including the people who followed them.

It was time for me to neutralize, release, break vows, and contracts, and whatever else I was carrying deep within my body and mind to know I was safe to BE ME. It was time to emerge and live my most Authentic Life out loud.

Time For the Wise Woman To Emerge and BE

 It was time to leave the whiny, small fear voice behind me and to step into my Sacred Feminine Energy as more than a  medium, psychic, and Reiki Master, but as a Wise Woman of Ageless Wisdom, empowered to BE the Oracle, the Seer and the Healer of my time. If I desired change within and around me, I needed to BEcome the change. 

Merging With the Spirit of My Inner Wise Woman

Coming Out of My Spiritual Closet has not been easy and there are days I still close that closet door, but they are getting fewer. I am discovering the more I step fully out of my Spiritual Closet to merge with the Spirit of my Inner Wise Woman, the She reveals more of Herself to me. For the more I Experience Her, the more I BEcome Her and the safer I feel to express my Sacred Feminine Voice more authentically as the Oracle, Seer, and Healer that I Am.

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In the coming weeks, we will delve deeper into how to Come Out of the Spiritual Closet to BEcome your Sacred Feminine Gifts, the Wise Woman, and to feel safe being more than you are….For we are here to be more than average, we are Here To BE Wise Women of Ageless Wisdom, the Oracles, Seers, and Healers of Today. Rise, Sisters, Rise! 


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