Messages from the Angels #5

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       Messages from the Angels

 “Have a Sense of Humor”

Today’s message today is to “Have a Sense of Humor” in any situation that may be causing you frustration, anger, sadness or grief. On a daily basis we confront people, places and things that can put us in the foul mood of anger and frustration such as road rage, a co-worker, boss, headache, kids, parents, significant others or whatever.

However it’s not always the “Big Stuff” that trips us up in life, but the “small” everyday irritations we encounter. It’s when we allow the “small stuff” to grow and fester within us that it becomes unnecessary “Big Stuff” in our lives.

Cultivating a good sense of humor nurtures love and understanding within our souls and spirit. By allowing ourselves to see through the eyes of jest and laughter it helps us to detach from the emotion of a hurtful moment or angry situation. Laughter with a good sense of humor releases the “sting” of anger and/or hurt which disables the power of negativity from troublesome situations or people we encounter in our lives.

BUT never ever laugh or poke fun at someone in cruelty or out of vengeance.

Cruel humor will boomerang right back into your life with greater veracity then when you first put it out there. This turns out the Light of Love and darkens the soul.

Having a good healthy sense of humor allows us the opportunity to laugh at the absurdity of human nature. It gives us a new perspective on what is really happening. The next time you are confronted with a frustrating or angry situation and/or persons ask yourself,

“What can I find humorous about this situation?”

By asking this question it helps you to see it with the Eyes of Love and Enlighten Up!

If you need a little help in seeing the humor in life today, then watch the attached video!

Guaranteed to make you laugh!


All Messages from the Angels are infused with the Healing Light and Love of Reiki.

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