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Today I begin the first of a three part series for women on how to be extraordinary in their everyday lives as they recognize and acknowledge their own personal power.

When you hear or see the words “Creating Awareness of the Personal Power of Women” what do you think?  Your mind may answer the question vaguely with,” We are?” or “Yes we are” or “Not anywhere I worked”.

But before answering the question vaguely or cynically, let’s answer it as an extraordinary and powerful woman would. And that extraordinary woman is YOU. So let me lead you through the steps of answering this question as an extraordinary and powerful woman would.

Personal Power Brings Mind Shifting

We are all born with Personal Power which is based on love that serves yourself and others for good. As you recognize and grow in your Personal Power, your thought processes gradually change as they begin to reflect and express the Extraordinary and Powerful Woman You Are Becoming. This is called Mind Shifting.

The First Steps to Personal Power and Mind Shifting

To begin the process of recognizing your Personal Power with Mind Shifting lets use the following steps to begin awakening your Personal Power and teaching your mind to think for itself.

Read again, “Creating the Awareness of the Personal Power of Women” and follow the steps below:

  1. How does your mind process this statement? In other words, where do your thoughts gravitate to, how is your mind truthfully interpreting this statement?
  2. Are your thoughts immediate? Are the immediate thoughts you received when you saw or heard the words, “Creating Awareness of the Personal Power of Women” YOUR True thoughts, or the thoughts of OTHERS you have heard?
  3. Does your body feel sensations, a stirring of emotions when you read “Creating Awareness of the Personal Power of Women? By allowing yourself to think as an extraordinary and powerful woman, were Your Thoughts full of emotion, such as anger, power, and passion to name a few?
  4. Besides what your mind was thinking and your body was feeling, did you feel a stirring deep within your soul? In other words, what did you feel or experience on a deeper level when you saw those words?  Did your mind, body and soul agree, or were these emotions in disagreement?

Now remember you are an extraordinary and powerful woman, so let’s think and feel extraordinary and powerful. If that is hard to do at this point in time, then I all I ask is for you to be and think as an Extraordinary and Powerful Woman, for one moment, one day. Ask yourself to take one challenge today, one awakening. What would that be? One small step is all it takes to begin to reclaim your Personal Power and True Self Identity.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane Brigger is a Spiritual Healing Guide for Women with Women’s Soul Care and a Life Coach for Women in Dentistry with Dental Soul Care under MaryJaneBrigger.Com.

As a Spiritual Healing Guide and Life Coach, Mary Jane blends current world events and culture with the teachings from Ancient Mystics and Mary Jane’s own personal Soul and Spiritual Journeys.

Mary Jane writes a spiritual blog at www.MaryJaneBrigger.Com and will be introducing a new website soon for Dental Soul Care and Women’s Soul Care.

Contact Mary Jane at mj@maryjanebrigger.com

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