Are You A Celtic Wise Woman?

A Woman Armed With Ancestral Wisdom Is An Unstoppable Force

Are You A Celtic Wise Woman? 

The Celtic Wise Woman is any woman who is experiencing a Rising within her Spirit to BE Her True Authentic Self…The Wise Woman She Was Born To BE…in this time and Now.

The Healer, Medium, Psychic, and Channeler

The Celtic Wise Woman is the healer, the medium, the psychic, the channeler who is experiencing a higher shift in her energy within her spiritual practice as well as her relationship with other people…

The Call of Our Celtic Feminine Ancestors

The Celtic Wise Woman Hears the Call of her Feminine Ancestors to Reclaim To the Realm of Magick, the Wisdom of the Goddess, Mother Earth, and Faery.

She No Longer Agrees With Limiting Belief Systems

The Celtic Wise Woman is any woman experiencing a shift within her identity that no longer resonates within her Spirit….She no longer agrees with her cultural and religious belief systems which she finds way too confining and limiting to Who She Is…

Experiencing A Shift In What She Was Taught 

The Celtic Wise Woman has been noticing a dramatic shift within her energy healing work, psychic / mediumship readings, and channelings. She is experiencing that what she was once taught about her spiritual and energy work no longer applies, or is working as effectively as before.

Kinship With Crystals, Herbs, Tarot, Essential Oils

The Celtic Wise Woman is BEcoming acutely aware of her desire to know more about the healing/spiritual properties of herbs, essential oils, crystals, oracle, and tarot cards. She is experiencing a deep remembering and knowing of their essences, as more of a kinship. 

Remembering, Restoring, Reclaiming Herself

The Celtic Wise Woman is Remembering, Restoring, and Reclaiming the ageless wisdom of her sacred femininity, with the Voice of Her Grandmothers and Feminine Ancestors calling out to her….

To Rise As the Modern Day Wise Woman, Healer, Oracle, and Seer She Is BEcoming…

Creating Sacred Union With Her Inner Wise Woman

Celtic Wise Woman seeks a deeper, more profound relationship with Her Spirit…To know Her Inner Wise Woman…To Create Sacred Union with the Power of Her Sacred Feminine Spirit…

Empowered To BE

The Celtic Wise Woman embraces Her Sacred Feminine Energy to hear, feel, see, and know the Voice of Her  Grandmothers and Feminine Ancestors. She is empowered to BE the Voice of the Sacred Feminine Energy, the Ageless Wisdom of Our Grandmothers as The Balancing  Sacred Feminine Energy of the Heart, Compassion, Peace, Healing, and Nurturing…

 Now Is the Time To Empower and BEcome the Modern Day Celtic Wise Woman, Healer, Oracle, and Seer YOU ARE! 

Rise, Sacred Sisters, Rise! 

Mary Jane Brigger is A Celtic Wise Woman who empowers women to BEcome the Ageless Wisdom of the Wise Woman they have returned To BE. Mary Jane is a practicing Celtic Wise Woman as a Medium, Sacred Feminine Channeler, Reiki Master, and Sacred Feminine Wisdom Teacher she provides private and group Channeled Readings, Sacred Feminine Retreats both online and within the magical location of The Healing Cottage in rural Ohio.

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