Channeled Message From Deirdre of the Sorrows

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Celtic Wise Woman Séance Circle, November 5, 2022

Channeled by Mary Jane Brigger

Transcribed By Jan Pugh

For dear ones, it is truly betwixt and between …

Deidre Of the Sorrows

Heart Is Woman

This is the time that we begin to listen to the heart.  The heart is woman.  Woman is now opening her heart, to bring healing, to bring compassion, to bring joy.  Many of you here, have had your hearts closed of no fault of your own.  But you are brave woman, for you have now stepped out to claim who you are, who you were.

I am Deidre of the Sorrows, I come to you today as a woman who also suffered the sorrows that many of you have experienced and are experiencing now.   

Wisdom and Healing of Sorrow

Often, we say, how do I overcome such heartache, and I too asked that of myself. But as Deidre of the Sorrows, I am here to tell you today, sorrow is meant to be pure. For when we seek the wisdom of sorrow, that is what leads us to transform to the healing of the sorrow, to love.  

For sisters, today I say to you, it is in the time of the greatest sorrows that you may be feeling that you will find the greatest wisdom and why is that?  

Because when you are broken hearted, when you can no longer cry anymore tears, your heart is open to the full surrender.  Fall into the arms of the Great Mother for it is in that great surrender, we step out of our own problems.

Rising Above Sorrow

Those who invade our journey, we are able to see, the light in the dark. So often becomes a pathos.

You cannot see the wisdom of it because you live in times, years, thousands, where you were told that’s where you belong.

I am Deidre of the Sorrows.  I will tell you, you do not belong in the wasteland of sorrow to live.

Sorrow is where we will rise above. For in the fire of anguish you release that which shall pass.

It Is Time for Woman To Step Forward

This is the time of woman to step forward, to open her heart. All that separates you, from the mother, is not recognizing the power.

The mother has no words for low confidence.  We have no words for sadness.

We only know joy.  We only know woman.   That is how we are able to comfort you when you allow us.  

Many Things That Once Were, Will Not Be

Man alone, your environment alone, cannot solve what is happening to you or around you.  The power is within each of you and that power is love.  Love has been reduced to a weakness that is now rising, and it is the rise of the feminine energy that is now reaching forward to balance the earth into new ways of being and living.   Many things that once were, will not be. 

Many things that you have learned are no longer the energy.  Why?  The energy is higher.  You feel this in the discomfort of your body.  At the higher energy, your spirit recognizes it’s time to come forward to be one, as woman.

Carrying the Power of Love

You have spent so many years being a minor somebody. But you are not.  You are woman and woman is meant to work together and that is why we work with the mother, with the spirit, but with OUR spirits.  When you feel the heart and open the heart to you, and not to those around you, is when your power manifests, transforms, and what is this power?  It is truly love, love that is truly meant.  Many have walked this path, in the way of love and many have suffered at the hands of it.  But those who always carried love were safe within their spirit, were transformers because they stood in the power of love. 

Feel the Womb of Creation Within You

Feel the womb of your creation, of who you are.  Feel the darkness around you.  But what do you know about the womb?  It is carried by the mother!  Feel yourself in the womb of the mother.  Feel how you rock gently within her loving body, and feel what speaks to you within the womb of the mother, but the beating heart of the mother. She holds you, as you transform, as you grow, until the day comes, when you merge into the light of who you are.

If You Saw the Magnificence of What We See In You

Oh sisters and daughters you have no idea how we see you. If you DID you would never doubt yourselves again.   If you saw the magnificence, what we see. We’re in such joy but we see you in sorrow.  We say, why do you not see what we see?  That is because the connection to the mother, to the Creator, to the heart, that relationship, the umbilical cord, has gotten broken or has gotten wobbly or loose, because of troubles you have been conditioned to believe.

Time Take Back Our Sacred Spiritual Power

That time is over.  This is the age we have been waiting for, and no, it does not come easy.

 Mother is kind, the mother is loving, the mother has compassion, and the mother has healing.  However, there comes a time when she no longer can tolerate the abuse, the slander, the words against what is woman and female and she begins to rise. It is time, she says, I no longer can take it. 

Power is not about domination, power is about giving, and transformation.  Power is healing, it is the love, the energies are meant to be balanced not separate.

The woman, female, feminine, now rises to reach out to the divine masculine because now it’s time dear ones to be in harmony.  For we are the nature of balance, we are the nature of harmony, which brings peace.

Think from you hearts my dear ones. Feel with your heart.  Feel for your heart, that thinks for your entire being, because that is where your spirit, your soul lies.

Many of you are healers, and many of you are now experiencing personal transformations within you. And you feel confused because it does not fit with what you’ve always been taught.  And you find that your heart now is confused because you’re using the brain and the brain is marvelous but… we think with the heart to change the brain, and what once was, has now shifted, because with thinking, attuning to the heart, igniting the heart, becoming the heart, opens the portals, the doorways, to the new energy of healing. Healing is not as we always believed it to be, because you were kept small, your hearts were kept closed. Healing is changing and shifting.   

You felt confused at times when you would lay your hand upon somebody, “but I was taught to do it this way that way”.  (It doesn’t work)

Time for you to step into your healing being. First heal yourself, and as you heal yourself, you heal multitudes.  Much will change and is changing. 

Now we’re in a time of healing.  The healing begins with you and that begins in the heart.


Questions From Women In the Seance Circle

#1 For an annoying irritating, frustrating, affection that occurs occasionally to my physical body, how can I manage to be healed from it?  

An infection is the body working at its hardest to release a story of trauma and imprint.

Infection is like fire, but like fire, it sometimes must be controlled.  So, the question would be, where the infection recurs, if there is a trauma, a memory replaying in that part of your body. And the body has not understood that it has the power, it has the ability, to release the story that causes the infection. As you hold on to that story, the body tries to rid it, and when it can’t it reoccurs.

Ask yourself, go to where the infection is, call in your healing angels, your guides, to come with you and to sit where this infection occurs. 

Ask what is hating you, what is the root.  Behind every illness, there are 2 things:  A troubling trauma or memory that severs the connection to the Creator, to the Great Healer.  And first call in the healer, whoever that would be to you. 

Ask this being “help me, I cannot see it”.  Ask them to lead you to where the source of the infection is. The source is very deep within the body, within where it is at. 

Which means it took time to take hold, it will take time to release.  The kind of wound, a wound within this part of the body, it did not happen in this life, but you have carried the imprint of this wound into this life. 

The infection are from the emotions that have never been released from this wound. What often is misunderstood is that when one loses the heart from sorrow, it grows apart from the mother. 

Because the mother knows how to give, but she can’t if you pull away.  You have the power first to connect to your healer, a true healer who your heart calls out to with the energy of the healer and allow her wisdom to speak to you. My dear you are safe to do this. 

This will compliment treatment that you are receiving.   But one thing I will tell you is to bring joy into the sorrow of the infection.   Seems difficult but it is not. Breathe in joy into that part of your body and remove from your wordage, recurring, for you are telling the body I’ll be back. 

 I RELEASE THIS WOUND, I SURRENDER THIS TO THE UNIVERSE, I RELEASE IT TO TRANSFORM INTO SOMETHING HEALING AND WONDERFUL.  Take a white light and put it around the infection area.  Let it glow, let it warm, allow it to extract.  But you must believe this is happening.

It may take a few times, for there is deep conditioning there that this will not heal. 

It can, as long as you tell it that you are whole.  Call your healer, they wait for you, and open your heart.

#2    What do I need to release?

Fear, rage.

A simple question but what we all need to release is fear.  Fear is such a weakness, if you knew how weak fear truly is, this would not even be an issue.

This fear comes from a deep anger, a rage, a rage that is being suppressed within you, and this is why you are not able to receive the clarity of what you need to understand, to see.  To see, to feel. 

One of the most difficult parts of releasing fear and rage is having to look within as to why you feel this.  Because at the heart of rage, anger and fear is not the person or environment that caused it, but the sorrowful person within it.  Your rage comes from you, the fear comes from you, but it is not your power.

Yet you call it your power.   We take power from our rage and anger from others and embrace it and suppress it within ourselves, and that completely blocks out the light, it completely blocks out the mother.

That is not yours to take, joy is yours!   Do not give it the power, but you do.  That might be easy for me to say.  It is easy for me to say, yes! Very easy for me to say, because I know love is more powerful than fear and anger.

Because love goes both ways.  



 See how big that is in your world, your part of the world and then you see how small fear and anger is. 


#3    Help me continue to grow.

Well, that is a big question.  Why do you want to grow, what is your heart’s desire to grow?

How big do you want to grow?  Let’s change grow, if I may, to the word expand.  I Expand.  As I expand my vistas are wider and more beautiful.  But what do you want to expand in, that is the big question. 

What do you wish to grow in? Grow into the fullness of your woman, step into the wisdom of a woman.  What is it about you that you can honestly say you love about yourself? That is the big question. 

For there’s how you will learn how to grow.  For centuries woman has been told to not grow, to not expand, to not change.  Life is different now. How do I expand?  How do I become this big, wonderful woman? 

You open your heart, you live from your heart, you think from your heart. Much of how we expand is by knowing when something is finished.  Knowing when it’s time to move forward and moving forward is the hardest thing to do because we’re so conditioned to do it backwards or to rely on old energy that no longer serves you and then your heart breaks and can’t move forward. 

Cause you won’t move forward to grow and to expand.  You are here today to know more. You wouldn’t be here today If it wasn’t for your heart wanting to understand and to expand into different realities, different environments.

Your faith brought you here today and I say to you woman what is your heart’s desire to be?  What does your heart wish to attune to, to ignite heart, to become whole and powerful spiritual woman.  One with her being and source.  That is how I would tell you to begin.

What is your hearts greatest desire and first I would ask a series of questions.  So that you go down deep into the heart in layers.  Make it about you, not about the family, not about the job, not about the world, because that’s not receiving.  Woman receives but you’ve been told   you’re out of balance.  This is about you.  How do I receive the glory of who I am? It is all about me my dear, it is all about you.   

What does your heart deeply ask for?   What in your quietest moments when you are not disturbed or in the daydreaming state?  Do you hear your heart?   That is where you start. 

And when you can identify the truest, deepest, desire within you. No one needs to teach you how to grow, my wonderful one, you will know what to do, for you are here, you will see, you will know, and the opportunity will be in front of you. It is now. Don’t be afraid to step into it.

And that is where you will find your heart.

#4   Will my finances improve next year?

That is up to you.

When we hear about the energy of finances the question is this, what is keeping you from improving them.  Sadly, you live in a time, in an environment, where we are told everything is scarcity.  

When we live in the fear of scarcity of finances, our lives cannot improve, because it’s like putting a wall up to the abundance that can come to you.  When we live in the emotion of scarcity, and we have this, has convinced this that it cannot be abundant then the abundance cannot reach you for the energies are mute.

So, when you live in the fear and being of scarcity, that is the only energy that will come to you, and that is in your control.  How to improve your finances, begin to recreate how you talk about abundance, not improving finances, but abundance, to draw the abundance and the opportunity of abundance to provide increasing financial security.  It is not about just money in an account, it is our way of living to improve your wealth, to improve your health. 

 Start small, take small steps to change, shift.  Take it out of the brain of fear, it’s just things, and put it into your heart. Think of the abundance and good that is in your life now, surround it with gratitude, feel grateful for finding that nickel, that dime, that is abundance.  See money going out, and money coming in as greater.

Put a different spin on it.  When scarcity begins to frighten you and overwhelm, go to the heart, see that scarcity becoming abundance, create a story, for this is what will happen.  Remember, finances are not just money.   Improving finances is a state of being, a believing within you and around you that will always provide.  Abundance often works within divine planning and divine time.

An opportunity may have to happen here, and it must go through its own stages of growth to reach you. Many things happen on what you call to reach the supply chain, to reach that abundance to you. How do you improve your finances begins with you. 

Step back and see, feel the good, feel through your heart gratitude for very many blessed things in your life now. To take the fear of the scarcity, stay in the now. Oh how wonderful.  What it means, begin to know that the world, the universe, is here to serve you by opening the heart, and say, I am ready. 

Every little bit of abundance that comes into your life, even your own money, the smallest thing of gratitude becomes abundance, for you are stopping at that moment to honor a love that the universe has for you and to step in honor of the love that you have for yourself, in every area of our life beginning with the HEART.  We are all here to be abundant, but to be abundant you must think abundance in every area of your life, beginning first with your heart, your spirit.

#5    Am I on the right path?

Yes, and this path, this pathway, this is a new light pathway that is beginning.  This is one that is marked by endings.  Do not despair if you don’t understand all that is happening with this pathway.

For you are also struggling to release old thought patterns, that at times becomes the fog on the pathway. Those thought patterns do not serve you anymore my dear, release them to the universe to transform to something beautiful and wonderful.

There is great love on this pathway, and I feel a healing heart and by that what I mean, this is a giving heart that you are, that is taking you into a different arena, new way of being.  But at times it’s a little too new for you.  That is fine, even the new babies, everything was too new to them once they come back to earth.  

You are on the right path.  What we are going to suggest to you is this, keep your heart open and also open your awareness to all the possibilities this new pathway is taking.  For this is truly a new beginning.

This will last several years, for it will be in a development that will take you to something even greater. We honor you on this new path, and know that you are guided and supported,  and to open your heart and speak to us whenever you feel you lost your way.

#6   What is my gift?

Yourself!  You are the gift!  You are the gift to yourself and as you are the gift to yourself, you become the gift to others.  You are asking for a specific gift which is what many do, but we say first see yourself as THE gift.  T

his beautiful, beautiful package to be unwrapped, to shine, to give and receive.  We will answer your question for we will say the one gift that you are looking for a conformation, so to speak. 

You have the sight, you have the gift, you are experiencing what you are experiencing.  Your spirit is waking you up to tune out the many naysayers and things that you have been taught and to tune into  that inner wise woman.  T

hat powerful woman, the oracle. You are an oracle.  Yours is your gift to speak the words from spirit, of spirit.  To bring wisdom and heal others. 

As you become the oracle, you will become the seer, and this will be even a greater gift for you because you will be able to see with more than the inner eye. You’re already developing penetrating seeing into situations that you are able to see,    the powerful healer, allow the oracle to develop first, allow the voice to develop first.  That is the gift.

The gift is the voice that so many, so many women have always suppressed.  Speak, the oracles speak, and you have wisdom to share, you have guidance to bring forward, and as you are comfortable with your voice, allow it to expand deep, deeper, further, not just your hip, all around you.

It’s what you call  your 360 who run in circles, and then as you do that,  the  great healer steps in and you will be a mighty healer.  But yes, you carry the gifts of legacies of many in your family who do not know about it.  Both sides, and they surround you now to guide you and to help you remember.   You are the gift first, and know this, we honor you every day.  

 Our Little Sister is growing tired, but we are asking her to say one more thing. And that is:  BE the voice you are meant to BE. 

No longer hide and be afraid to express the gift of your voice. Not the voice of anger and fight, the voice that is firm to speak the love and compassion the world seeks.   Y

ou can be strong and you can be fury in love and do no harm, and that means that your voice is strong, it means your heart is peaceful and strong. 

But speak out to allow your voice to be the change you are.  You came here to be change makers, you came here to make a difference.  

It’s in your daily life, it is how you speak to yourself first, that you are a good woman with a good heart.   And as you feel that, you send that out as energy, and you go about shifting the energy to being and seeking that powerful woman you came here to be. 

The throat chakra is open wide.   Many are experiencing many issues with the breath, with the voice which with we must speak integration of the higher energy.  Walk with them, don’t fight them, and be blessed. 

You have the voice, you have the power, you have the love, you have the heart to be here now, to be the change, to be the great mother of balance and harmony.   And for this we say to each and every one of you, we honor each one of you every day in our heart. 

We love you and when you say I love you, is you loving you.  Be blessed dear ones, you all serve a higher calling.  That is why you are here.  And we bow to you, we thank you, we respect you, and we love you, and so be it.  

And how you think is very important because thought becomes reality.  The dimensions are rising, they’re changing and for those who are moving with the spirit, with the change, the shift, you will find that the circumstances around you, and they will be subtle, you will start to see that part of your life why?

Because you have moved in dimensions.  You may find things coming your way because your desires speak out “I want more, I want more love”, but you will find subtle shifts around you and that’s why it’s important to keep thoughts high and focus on love.  And that’s what everything is doing, a great shifting, but don’t be afraid.  What is put in front of you is deliberate, to make you afraid and to make you small and to make you feel you have no power.  But all the channelers, we’re all learning to walk as spirit walkers. 

Channeled by Mary Jane Brigger on November 5, 2022

The Healing Cottage

Celtic Wise Woman Seance Circle


Jan and I share a past life.  Your stepping out into the world is going to bring you great blessings and to help you bring everything together. You are being encouraged to scribe work.  Because that is your forte.   You have that strong ability to put into words, that can be understood, so this is where we say make the time, create the time to be the author.  Your Essene Nature, as educators and go deeper.  It is for you to begin to tap into your Essene lineage and to tap into the teachers from Alexandria. Go that far back.  Not here, because this is all cloudy and foggy, go back to your Sumerian beginnings. And do that. Use your shining ones. There are shining ones who guide us, allow your heart to identify the shining ones. What you are doing, going back to your roots, will really light you up and your burdens. And your burdens will not be the burdens they have been, the ones you have now.  You know now this is just a passing thing, but this is your life beginning and so this will be.  But this will be for you, the one who wishes to stay, once she goes back home, we want to make sure that there are things left here and that is part of what this is all about.

But you’re like her, you two are Alexandrian Sumerian so that’s where the education was, those were the mystery writers. You’re both sharing the wisdom but you’re going deep inside yourself. You’re bringing it to light in your voice.  This is a lineage that is connecting.   They call me the Celtic Essence, because a lot of the wisdom of the Essene came from the Celt, because it goes so far back.  So that’s why, for you, the Essenes were the mystery teachers.  you’re going deep… 

But now we’re all coming back because this is the time to follow who comes your way.


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