Experiencing Intuition With Your Body

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The Way of the Wise Woman integrates and uses the power of her intuition every day. As we journey through our wisdom years, life experiences grow as does our intuition. The Wise Woman merges daily with her Higher Power, or what I like to call your Inner Wise Woman. Beginning today,  I will be posting Empowering Intuition Tips as a guide to develop and open your intuition for everyday use including your professional and personal life.

Intuition Puts Your Body On Alert

Intuition is the inner knowing you experience when confronted with the energy of a situation that puts your body on alert for any reason that requires a decision or discernment. It is also the flow of information from the left side of the brain that is creative and highly tuned to your Inner Wisdom.

Different Ways We Experience Intuition Through the Body

Intuition is felt through the body which holds so much of our Inner Wisdom. Intuition is often explained as that “ gut feeling” when energetically we are picking up the energy of an individual or situation. The gut feeling of intuition can be experienced as:

  1. A “butterfly’ feeling within your stomach
  2. Tingling within your belly that can be ticklish at times.
  3. Nausea, especially if your body is discerning negative energy from a situation or individual.
  4. Sudden sharp pain within your stomach that goes away immediately or after you’ve left the situation or individual.

Other symptoms of your body intuiting a situation or person can include:

  1. Sudden tingling up and down your spine and legs.
  2. Your face flushing red or feeling hot.
  3. Hands tingle or pulse which can also include hands becoming warm or hot.
  4. Sudden pain or dizziness within the forehead where your pineal gland or third eye is located
  5. Dull headache, especially in a crowded room within small or large gatherings.
  6. Eyes burning or feeling very focused on something or someone.
  7. A sense of dread or euphoria with a situation that can also include tears.

Think back over the last few days and see if you remember experiencing any of the above physical symptoms at work, home, shopping or just watching TV. Could you have been talking to your boss about a project, client or employee where you just didn’t feel right about it? No matter how you tried to explain it away, something was off about it or the person?  Have you ever met someone you feel close to immediately or experience a deep physical repelling to? Did you think of someone and they contacted you right away or soon afterward? These are all examples of your intuition guiding you and the further you develop your intuition, the more you will become to trust and rely on it. One of the core qualities of a developed intuition is increased self confidence and sense of self.

Expanding Our Intuition

Intuition is the gift and sixth sense we all possess that is more than psychic communication to the Afterlife. It is also accumulated wisdom we have learned over time that we often hold back due to low self confidence and fear. Expanded and highly developed intuition occurs as we begin to recognize and merge with a deeper power within ourselves. This deep and spiritual connection is the core and power of intuition. Many call it God, their Spirit or whatever is their Highest Power. I  call it merging with our Inner Wise Woman.

In my next Empowered Intuition Tips,  I will explain and discuss simple ways we can tap into our intuition through merging with our Highest Power or Inner Wise Woman.

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