Healing Versus a Cure

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There is confusion in the world when it comes to the words “healing’ and “a cure.” Many believe that they have the same meaning but they do not.


A “cure” is when something is brought to an end through a variety of means that brings relief or remission through either the physical body. But eventhough some one may be cured it doesn’t necessarily mean that actual healing has taken place. For a physical cure to be permanent it requires a healing.


“Healing” is a process that takes place over time. Healing gets to the root of the problem which can be multi-layered with emotional experiences that are often traumatic to the individual or animal. Healing is holistic in that it addresses each part of the emotional, physical and spiritual body which then contributes to one’s total well being.

  Traumatic Life Experiences and Cellular Damage

Our life experiences accumulate over a life time down to the cellular level of the body. Life experiences include any kind of trauma that become “body stories” or
root causes” which buries themselves within a vulnerable part(s) of the body. Science and clinical research are showing that extreme stress on the body causes cellular damage over time. These cells then replicate in their damaged state which sets the foundation for chronic emotional and/or physical illness.

 Healing Begins When the Body Story is Changed

Body stories or root causes are often overlooked or dismissed when treating disease or emotional illness. We are a pharmaceutical quick fix society that has lost the ancient ways of listening to the wisdom of our bodies. Pain, disease, stress, emotional upheaval, which includes a restless heart and soul, are signs of the body trying to express and free itself of these bodies stories/root causes.  This is where healing begins, changing the ”body story” that is replaying itself through emotional, spiritual and/or physical pain.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine

Healing and a cure need each other in order to identify, release and be set free from the underlying causes of physical, spiritual and emotional pain. The mind – body connection to illness and disease is becoming widely accepted as well as alternative therapies in the medical community. We are now welcoming back the wisdom of ancient teachings that reflect the importance of healing the mind, spirit and soul first in order to bring balance and good health back to our bodies.

Healing Moments are Reflections on the Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul as One Awakens to the True Self and Voice in Total Well Being.

Mary Jane Brigger is a Soul Midwife who through Intuitive Reiki Gentle Hands and Body Story ™ Telling, midwifes, or helps bring forth, New Life to souls who are in transition from life crisis, emotional trauma, chronic illness and pain as well as those facing end of life issues.

Please feel free to contact Mary Jane for a Free Consultation regarding her services at:

mj@soulcareexperience.com         330-908-0528

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