“Hearing” Angel Messages through the Gift of Music

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Angel Music NotesWhether you realize it or not, your angels send you daily messages of guidance. Today’s message is how to hear your angels messages through music. When we speak of hearing we automatically think of receiving communication in a spoken language we understand. Today we will learn how to know and understand the Musical Language of the Angels.

 The Language of the Angels
The language of the angels is very simple and easy to learn. All it takes is an open heart and soul to receive the messages coming from your angels. Messages from the angels can come in many forms but today we learn how to hear our angel’s messages through The Language of Music.

Music and Songs
How many times have you said “I can’t get that song out of my head?”  In the music world that is called an “ear worm” but in the angelic realms it is a language, or form of communication from the angels.  When a song or piece of music keeps replaying over and over in your head the angels are relaying a message to you from the Divine.

Three Steps to Hearing Your Angelic Musical Message
1.    Listen closely to the words of the song replaying in your mind. How does it resonate with you regarding a situation in your life or a deep desire? Who or what do you think of when this song plays? How does your physical body react to hearing this song? Love? Anger? Grief? Joy? Pay close attention to how you answered each of those questions. Sometimes just answering the questions may give you the message either right away or over time. If not then proceed to step two.

2.    Clarity is often needed to understand the full meaning of your musical angelic messages. Google or YouTube the song or musical title and lyrics (Ex: song title- lyrics). Read the lyrics or even better; watch a music video with the lyrics on it.  If it is a musical score or music without lyrics, what feelings and/or memories are you feeling? The message can even be in the title.
Music evokes feelings which engage your body and soul. If you don’t understand the angelic message the first time go back and look at it later or keep your intention on that song. The song will keep replaying in your head until you receive and understand your angelic message.

3.    Ask yourself what does this song mean to me? Who or what comes to mind when I hear and/or read the lyrics to this song? Allow the flow of thoughts, feelings and memories that come forth. These are the clues to understanding the Divine message being sent to you. If you are still unclear, just ask the angels and they will reveal its meaning to you in another way. As long as your intention is open to receiving your angelic musical message you will begin to understand its meaning.

I have experienced instant understanding of my angelic musical messages or days of allowing my angels to lead me to my message. My angelic musical messages often come to me in the morning so I call them my “Morning Song.” Sometimes they are songs I don’t know yet will have the melody and words.

Musical Language of the Angels are answers to prayers, directions on your life path or just messages of love from the Divine. Angels love joy and laughter so a song may be a way to lift your spirits if you are blue.

This happened to me recently when I was “blue’ over a situation in my life. My “Morning Song” was “Tan Shoes and Pink Shoe Laces” What the heck was that? I went to YouTube and found the song and lyrics. It was an uplifting sing-a-long ditty from the 1950’s that lifted my spirits and affirmed me in a personal way. Later during the week I actually heard the song on the radio in my car.
Yes I was the crazy lady you saw driving a red Chevy singing her heart out with her personal back up group, The Angels!

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