Knock, Knock Who’s There? Your Personal Power!

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There is a new dawn rising as the age of spiritual awareness is growing.  This spiritual awareness is emerging as a feminine force that is growing stronger by the day. Women are becoming aware of the power they have within them.

The Feminine Changemakers

Those who realize what this power is are the women who are becoming the Changemakers, the leaders of a spiritual revival, the rebirth of being Feminine. How did these women become the force and strength behind the feminine rebirth and revival?

They discovered the personal power that we all possess, but usually give away. These feminine Changemakers kept their personal power to become the change that is shaping history now.

You Have the Power!

Personal power is to know, through Your Personal Spirit, or Inner Guidance that you have control over your life, your body, your emotions which reflect the image of beauty, strength, love and goodness that you were created with. Personal power comes from accepting who you are, in all your human flaws with personal soulful knowledge of being loved unconditionally, by yourself in union with the Spirit.

Self Acceptance and Guilt

The past few days I have struggled with self acceptance in feeling so helpless within a family crisis. Precious Loved Ones I no longer know due to ravishes of age and disease. Devoted Loved Ones are being hurt beyond repair in this unknowingly lifetime.

Those closest to The Precious Loved Ones who are the caregivers are wounded, worn out and frustrated by minds that can no longer interpret true reality. I have felt lost and helpless in not physically being there to help, with a creeping guilt.

The Mother Child

I live in another city from my family with a chronic illness that prevents me from traveling to help out. I want so bad to hold my Precious Loved Ones, each one of them, to comfort the painful life which is their existence at this moment.

I want to hold and rock my mother and sing her the lullabies she sang to me when I was a child in pain. I want to take the fury of the pain my father is suffering and take it away from him, absorb it into me so he can pass on without this dreadful suffering he is going through. But I can’t be there.

Accepting in the NOW

I have beat myself up so much with guilt until I realized that I was losing myself in their pain, our past together. I was losing my personal power, giving it away to fear and a sense of helplessness. My Spirit was nearby waiting to be asked for help. When I finally desperately looked within for help from my sense of helplessness, I was told to accept myself as Who I Was. I was given gifts from the Spirit that revealed that Who I Was possessed the personal power and strength to see where I was being helpful and showing love at this moment in time.

I may not be there, but my inner wisdom is saying it is not my role to be there yet. I don’t know why, and I am not concerned about it. I make a difference by being here for everyone in prayer and support, and I accept that now as my Truth, accepting Who I Am now again at this moment in time.

Power of the Moment

Living in the moment is power. It is power that allows you to see yourself and accept who you are in this moment. You may say and cry that you are this and that, but in my eyes and Spirit Eyes you are a beauty to behold.

I may physically not be able to cradle my Precious Mother in my arms and rock away her pain, or grab hold of my Precious Dad in a bear hug as he bursts with anger as I  keep saying over and over to him “I love you! I love you for YOU!” But I can do this in prayerful thought and visualization; I can smile at wonderful memories and feel the sweet parental kisses to soothe the tears and fears.

I Accept Myself

I can love, respect and admire the tireless efforts of my sister and siblings as they care for My Precious Loved Ones under difficult circumstances. Come on, we are the kids right? No we are adults and Mom and Dad are no longer home in their minds or ours. But I feel strangely strong in Who I Am at this point in time, this Now. I believe in the Personal Power of Strength and Love that being a woman gives me. I accept myself as a child of God who is with me on this strange journey of discovering Who I Am and seeing what God sees.

Power Lessons

Life has a way of guiding us and teaching us lessons of love and forgiveness that can come in strange ways. Understanding these strange paths of life lessons can be seen when you possess the Personal Power of Self Awareness, the Self Acceptance of the Beauty of Your Soul and How You Shine in God’s Eyes.

  • Power is not over people; power is loving, accepting and serving others and yourself.
  • Power is not being afraid of what anyone thinks and how you carry out that love.
  • Personal power is to serve and make a positive difference.

My Moment, My Time, My Now!

We just need to learn to quit asking so many questions of why which wastes time. I have decided to Be the Woman I Was Meant To Be who walks with trust in herself and her Spirit, who falls and knows how to get up, and has learned the power of looking through the eyes and soul of love. My moment, my time is NOW. And I am blessed in it.

Mary Jane Brigger

Mary Jane is founder of Dental Soul Care where coaches and writes about the powerful role of women in dentistry. Soon Mary Jane will be unveiling her newest venture, Women’s Soul Care which is committed to helping women take back control of their lives through holistic methods of self healing and reclaiming their Voice in the world.

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